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Transcendent, Part 6
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

ĒIt doesnít matter.Ē
Arguably a better conclusion than any of the first three arcs, but thatís only because the story here is slightly ever so more interesting. Pacing is still haywire, the whole government plot goes nowhere, Megatron has devolved into yet another name-screaming buffoon, Shockwave is a ninny, Alpha Trion is your generic evil introdumping manipulator and the horde of TransTech introduced last issue does not get a line at all. Did Shockwave die? Do we care? Skyfall is still uninteresting and I doubt that anyone would shed a tear when Alpha Trion ran him through. Again, itís a decent story but none of the proper plot threads are explored. Reunification and stuff is already obvious. I would want to learn more about the TransTech government, about the multiverse society, not rescuing blank slate Breakaway or shit. I just donít really care about any of the characters. Is it a crime that I like Scooter more than any other named character in this story?


Alpha Trion confirms that he is from the Shattered Glass universe by changing his eye colour into red, Ďcause he is evil and stuff.

Cheetor and Starscream both have faceplates. So does Megatron. I think itís a TransTech fashion thing. Starscreamís faceplate makes him look like Optimus Primal.

Not certain if Shockwave dies. We see Immorticon tearing his arm off... then nothing.


In the second panel of the first page Alpha Trionís chest is messed up.

Skyfallís force field is still drawn as hexagons instead of a solid sphere.

Scavenger is lacking the dump truck kibble on his back.

How did Landquake and Breakaway get past the TransTech ambush? They were walking in front of Skyfall and Alpha Trion.

If Alpha Trion wants to kill Skyfall, why the heck does he monologue everything to him?
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