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Transformers: All Hail Megatron: Coda #14
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek



I…just…want. This. To. Stop.

McCarthy bows out the way he came into the franchise, with unmitigated crap. Considering the many, many, many lose ends and inconsistencies the final four issues could have picked to deal with Sunstreaker’s out of character motivation for mass genocide is probably the most minor and irrelevant.

Worse of all though his choice isn’t any more convincing by the end of the story as it just wastes 11 pages telling us stuff we already know, the Machination were jerks and Sunstreaker had a bit of a hard time. Still hardly enough to make wanting to kill all humans dead convincing, especially as the true source of his torment (ignored here) is a fellow Transformer.

Throw is some typical McCarthy macho posturing, terrible dialogue and decidedly average art and you have an 11-page summation of everything that’s been wrong with IDW’s output for the last year.


This is Shane McCarthy’s final contribution to All Hail Megatron, and is looking fairly likely to be his last Transformers work full stop.

As the story is the deranged hallucinations of a damaged brain, it’s incredibly hard to say what of these events really happened as shown. Certainly the sequence with Hunter is different to how it was in Devastation issue 3, with the exchange making Hunter much harsher in his attitude.


The Machination can dissect a giant outer space robot person, but can’t pull out his vocal circuits so they don’t have to listen to him scream? [But then, it’s all in Sunstreaker’s head].

Could Machination scientists really bring their hot bitches in for a shag in the most top-secret room in their top-secret base? [But then, it’s all in Sunstreaker’s head].

Isn’t it a bit mean of Ratchet to have his medical consultation with Sunstreaker whilst Bumblebee and Jazz watch? What about patient confidentiality? [But then, it’s all in Sunstreaker’s head].

Sunstreaker was at the centre of a bridge destroying explosion, how is his head not only still recognisable rather than molten slag but still slightly functional? [But then… oh, hang on, that bit’s real].


Evil Scientist 1: Well there’s got to be some way to shut [Sunstreaker] up! The noise is unbearable!
Evil Scientist 2: What do you suggest? Anaesthetics? It’s a machine.
Sunstreaker: AAARRGHH!

Skany Bitch 1: Don’t, it’s looking at me.

Evil Scientist 3: It spoke! HAHA, hey, say it again! Speak!



Not like this!

Well, to be better than the first story this didn’t have to try very hard. What we get though still isn’t terribly good, and is full of the typical IDW problem of crushing any prior originality in a desperate attempt to make a 21st century like a 25 year old cartoon that wasn’t the best thing ever at the time.

Throw in some incredibly poor continuity in relation to major plot points from recent issues and the strange choice from the artist to make Galvatron look like he’s crying in every panel (a bizarre Megatron: Origin homage?) and it’s a mess.

Unlike the first story however, there are some good bits; Cyclonus throwing everyone in the furnace and Galvatron’s reaction to the Sweeps are both nice comedy moments. That’s not enough to save things however, and the end result is an average issue.


Presumably the action picks up immediately after the end of Revelation: Sideswipe where Galvatron’s fist was seen emerging out of the legendary Solar Pool he’d been thrown in earlier. His epiphany about his secret origin isn’t elaborated on here, though it’s no doubt related to his new mission for the Darkness.

Cyclonus is shown to have survived his fight with the great Pretenders, though how he did this isn’t explained. Scourge is something of a retcon addition, though the Ark crew as seen in Spotlight: Nightbeat was larger than just the six characters we’ve been introduced to by name since. The bodies getting thrown on the furnace are most likely the other red shirts in the crew.

Scourge himself was mentioned by Starscream back in issue #6. That was part of a bit of foreshadowing on McCarthy’s part for a plotline where Scourge would be a Decepticon version of Kup, the mad old warrior. Though reconciling those couple of lines with what we see here is slightly forced, it’s not impossible as we’ve got no clue what Scourge has been up to out in the wider Universe. He could have been hanging out with Starscream and Megatron without them ever knowing he was a reanimated zombie from a Dead Universe.

Rebirth was the name of the final story in the original cartoon, though other than some of the same characters there’s very little in common between them. However, in keeping with the current effort in IDW’s part to make the set up the same as it was in the TV show, we now have the three main new Decepticons from the film hanging out with some Sweeps. We also get another “I still function” gag, the third in as many months and the both the second in two All Hail Megatron issues and the second written by Schmidt (who also edits the line). Seriously, does anyone have any other ideas?


In what is probably the single biggest cock up IDW have ever done, we’re told that Cyclonus is the zombie who can survive longest in the real Universe, when previously it’s been a fairly major plot point that this was Galvatron. Schmidt has admitted this was a simple cock up on his part, but such a basic inability to read the comics on the part of the editor probably explains the many problems the range has had of late.

Why does no one on Garrus-9, the Autobots top prison, notice Galvatron popping up again?

Gorlam Prime is effectively presented more like Char from the TV show, a desolate world. This is opposed to how it should be, either a world covered in frozen cyborgs or (depending on the timescale) a new Cybertron.

Ark is spelt Arc.


Cyclonus: Dead. Alive. Either would be a blessing at this point.

Scourge: Galvatron. Please. I still function.

Galvatron: Scourge?
Scourge: Yes?
Galvatron: [The Sweeps] were supposed to be in my image!
Scourge: Did-did I do that?
Galvatron: You’re an idiot, Scourge. Of course you didn’t do it. We did it.
Scourge: We? You mean you and me?
Galvatron: Shut up.

Galvatron: We are now a part of [The Darkness]. We are catalysts- sparking upheaval- igniting revolution- feeding chaos with every hate filled action. The Universe has had its way with us, now it’s our turn.
Scourge: What does that mean?
Cyclonus: I have no idea.
Scourge: So what do we do?
Cyclonus: Our function is to seek, Scourge… we follow him.

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