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Transformers Animated: The Arrival #1
Reviewed by Blitzwing

Issue Review

This issue is a nice companion to "Transform and Roll Out", the 3-part debut episode of the Transformers: Animated cartoon series. All events in this issue take place during the premiere episode and will be easy for those that are familiar with it to understand. For readers who are not familiar with the Animated cartoon series however, this issue may be very confusing at times. It jumps from character to character at a very quick pace, and little time is spent explaining who these characters are. Characters like Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream are different variations of their usual selves, but characters like Bulkhead, Lugnut and Sentinel Prime have unique personalities in the Transformers: Animated universe and new readers might not understand their motives as easily. It sets up the Animated Universe fairly well, but hopefully future issues will be presented as stand alone stories.


The Allspark in the Animated Universe is very similar to that of the Movie Universe. It is said to give life to Cybertronians, and Megatron wishes to use its power as a weapon.

At Megatron's "funeral", Blitzwing is speaking in front of a group of what must be at least 100 Decepticons. This gives an idea of what type of numbers the Decepticon army has, and that they are not just a small group of exiles.

Blackarachnia's attempted alliance with Starscream is one of the only interactions we see between her and any other Decepticons in the Animated series since they went their separate ways after Megatron was thought to be destroyed. Clearly, she only wears the Decepticon badge because she feels they can help her get to the Allspark, but she doesn't seem to support Megatron or the Decepticon cause at all.

Memorable Quotes

Cold Blitzwing: Rest assured. He will not be forgotten.
Angry Blitzwing: But first we will crush the miserable Autobot scum responsible for destroying him!
Crazy Blitzwing: Oooh! And then we'll paint mustaches on their face plates! Mustaches are funny! Hahahah!

Bumblebee: What's with the attitude here?
Sari: Uh, Bumblebee? I don't know where you come from, but on my planet, cars don't really have attitudes.

Starscream: "Come into my Parlor", said the Flyboy to the Spider.
Blackarachnia: I believe it goes the other way around.

Optimus Prime: The Allspark is life.
Starscream: Then let it end yours!

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