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Transformers Animated: The Arrival #2
Reviewed by Blitzwing

Issue Review

This issue reads a lot like a throwaway episode of the cartoon series. We're introduced to a B-list villain (hero), the Wraith, and he is captured by the end of the story. It is very unlikely that we'll see him again, or that anything that happened will effect either future issues of the Arrival or the cartoon series. In the cartoon series, one of the main Autobot cast usually learns a "lesson of the week". Bumblebee learning a lesson about asking for help instead of trying to fight the bad guy alone is the moral of this story. This is the first regular issue of the series, since issue #1 was mostly a set-up issue, hopefully we can get some stories with a little more substance after this.

The Starscream mini-story is a fun little read. Power Princess is either loved or hated by most of the fandom, but she comes off as pretty funny and like-able in a story like this. She's not a character that would work very well in a serious story line.


Even though they had helicopter blades on top, the cameras used to shoot the car salesman's commercial reminded me of the Laserbeak roleplay camera released in the Transformers: Armada line.

This issue most likely took place shortly after the cartoon episode "Total Meltdown", because Cyrus Rhodes has already gained his powers, but the Autobots also seem to still be fairly new to the city.

Rhodes is never shown in the cartoon series other than as Meltdown's sidekick, but it is believable that he could have worked on his own while Meltdown was still in prison.

It seems laughable that Bumblebee would get stuck in car mode just because the Wraith put some boots on his wheels. Especially since his wheels don't really need to move anywhere in order for him to transform.

Starscream had a long absence in the cartoon series between "Transform and Roll Out" and "Lost and Found". It is nice to see a glimpse into what he was up to in the time in between. Hopefully we might see some more of his antics during that time period in later issues of the series.

Memorable Quotes

Prowl: And once you strip away the mystery, the appearance hardly matters.
Bumblebee: Speak for yourself, ninja-bot. I am all about appearance.
Prowl: And little else, I'm afraid.

Cyrus Rhodes: You'll never take me alive copper-tops!
The Wraith: Who says I'm taking you alive?

Optimus Prime: Bumblebee, need a servo?
Bumblebee: Spark yeah! Signing all these autographs is giving me writer's cramp!

Autobot fan: Bulkhead, can you sign this for my - ah who am I kidding? It's for me, I don't have kids OK.

Starscream (thinking to himself): Trapped for eternity on this accursed organic planet. Could my fate possibly get any worse?
Power Princess: Gasp! A naughty, violent, giant robot toy! Avert your eyes, Powdered Sugar.
Starscream: Note to self: never utter the phrase "Could my fate possibly get any worse?"

Starscream: Never again will I take such pleasure as when I obliterate you into the tiny, pink grease smear that will forever deface this forest!

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