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Transformers Animated: The Arrival #2
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

The first story reads like a rejected episode of Animated. There are only six issues, and instead of focusing on the main cast or maybe on the more minor characters (like, I dunno... Blurr? Shockwave?), the main bulk of this story focuses on new character 'The Wraith', a superhero whose ego had been crushed by Bumblebee. The Wraith looks pathetic, and it's a certain bet he'll never appear again. The scripting is below standards, and the art is bland. If the Wraith had been replaced with a character such as Nanosec or the Angry Archer, it would've made more sense, as they're in the show. Also, this doesn't really promote our heroes to the little kiddies -- Bumblebee, the kid-friendly character, drives a poor, innocent human insane! This should've been a spotlight for Bumblebee, and yet it's wasted.

The backup story, meanwhile, is a comedy relief to try and heal your brain from the garbage that was the first story. Only four pages in length, it's a cute little comedy starring Starscream and Professor Princess. Whether you enjoy this story would depend on whether you like the Princess. I don't mind her (don't like her either), so I'll be fair and give this story two cubes. It gave me a laugh, Marcelo's art shines, the dialogue's funny, and Starscream's boggle-eyed expression is priceless.


Attention Surplus Disorder:

This issue seemingly happens after 'Total Meltdown', due to the inclusion of Colossus Rhodes. However, the Autobots seem to be still adjusting to human culture, so it might happen earlier.

Among the vehicles on page one, there's a van that heavily resembles G1 Ironhide. The news cameras, minus the propellers, also have similarities to Armada Laserbeak's camera mode.

The truck that Colossus throws at the police is similar to G2 Laser Rod Optimus Prime, but coloured like G1 Prime. Also, Colossus appears to be working solo for this issue. In all his other appearances he's Meltdown's flunky.

The Wraith references 'The Ghost in the Machine', a G1 episode.

Colossus threatening to break the Wraith into two is probably a vague reference to Batman being broken into two by Bane. The Wraith calling himself a spirit from the grave might reference the Spectre, Ghost Rider and several other undead superheroes.

Whatever Happened to Whatisname?:

This issue happened somewhere after 'Transform and Roll Out'. This explains what happened to Starscream during his hiatus from the Animated series.


Attention Surplus Disorder:

If the Wraith is just a holographic projection, how does he capture the villains? Sure, they may be scared half to death, but how exactly does the Wraith capture them? Wait until the cops arrive? Not much of a hero.

The Wraith uses wheel clamps to stop Bumblebee from transforming. However, the back wheels are not involved in Bee's transformation, thus rendering the point moot.

Why didn't Bumblebee radio his team-mates? Or the stadium's staff? It should be easy for him to do so.

Prowl is able to detect that the Wraith's just a projection at first glance early on by just looking at him. However, he is fooled by the Wraith's holograms near the end of the issue.

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