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Transformers Autocracy #10
Reviewed by Red Dave Prime


It seems that Optimus names Metroplex and that the Metrotitan was previously called Acropolex.

Does it strike anyone else odd that there is such reverence for the matrix, given that it is so closely linked to the Primes – most of whom seem to be in fact, evil tyrants of some sort.


“You are made of sterner stuff” – Megatron to Hot Rod – there will be lots of variations of the dialogue between Megs and Prime from the animated movie running through the last three issues of Autocracy.

“His ruthlessness made him a worthy opponent” – Megatron on the fallen Zeta Prime

“I finally see that’s (freedom) what you’ve been fighting for all along” – Hot Rod makes the quickest U-turn ever. To put this in perspective, last issue Hot Rod claimed that the Autobots and Decepticons were all alike but after seeing the Autobots in prison, he realises they were fighting for freedom. (Yeah, I know it’s really based on the Autobot actions during the attack on Nyon but that didn’t play into Hot Rods feelings last issue so why should it now?)

“I sniffed out an escape route” – Hound. Must admit, that line made me laugh.

Issue Review

Very much like the last issue, “rise” centres around one plot point – Optimus recruiting his army to take on the Decepticons. And like last issue, there’s nothing really here to grab you. The Hot Rod issue is resolved from last issue, but that was hardly gripping stuff. The escape of the other Autobots doesn’t have enough page space to be anything more than a foot note. I can’t really fault the writing – there are only 8 pages to work with here and if this was part of a 24 page comic you wouldn’t mind such a pacey set-up for the finale. It just doesn’t grab as an issue in its own right.

There’s also the issue of the rise of Metroplex. Some liked it, others hated it. I just see it as a plot point. The thing which always gets me with things like this is you start to wonder how Cybertron died during Thunderwing's rampage. There was Megatron, Optimus, Omega Supreme, Trypticon and now we see that maybe Metroplex would have been around. I get that new writers want to do their own thing but you do need to respect the past that has been set up – like it or not. I also found it odd that Omega Supreme isn’t involved, a faceoff between him and his destructor clones would be interesting. Not so much flaws there, just observations really. The issue has so little meat to its bones that my mind wandered.

While I’m wandering, one other problem I find with having so many recognisable faces in this story set in the past is why things like the Matrix and the Metrotitans are viewed as “mystical” and “myths” by these characters later. It’s not a major goof, but it does seem strange. There are no living witnesses to say, Jesus Christ alive now so there can be a bit of vagueness to how history presents him but many of the Autobots and Decepticons are present to see that the Matrix did repair Orion Pax and create him as Optimus Prime and that the Metro Titans are real. I guess there is always this problem when you go to the past, especially with the main heads like Optimus and Megatron involved.

It may seem like I’m very down on this issue, but it’s more the case that issue 10 really shows up the problem with the digital 8-page format.
There will be parts of a story that need to be done that don’t work as issues but are needed in an overall sense. This is one such part and so the low mark. It’s not bad, but you could happily skip it and not be too put out come issue 11.

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