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Transformers Autocracy #3
Reviewed by Red Dave Prime


Soundwave never gets to deploy anymore minions after he is damaged by Pax but he does try to eject Buzzsaw. It’s possible he was also carrying more.

Kaon is established as Decepticon territory, following on from the events in Megatron: Origins. The Autobots have no jurisdiction in Kaon. Going by the dialogue in this issue, Kaon possibly borders Iacon.

Somewhat explaining Starscreams presence in the senate scene last issue, it is indicated that Soundwave is considered the assassin who destroyed the last senate and that there were no Survivors (again, see

Frenzy is able to cause insanity in the civilians with weaponry which is somewhat at odds to how he achieves it in AHM. He is also very coherent when speaking. Pity, one of the few good ideas from AHM has been nixed.

Ratbat makes an appearance in his new animal form – quite a drop in stature for the ex-senator.


“Ravage eject! Operation Evisceration!” – Soundwave is speaking a-la the sunbow cartoon and not the more vocal character Furman first introduced in Spotlight:Soundwave.

“Curious Flaw Detected Within Autobot Commander. Designation: Over Confidence” – But he still gets to give the odd put-down (puttup)

Issue Review

A straight-forward action issue, and all the better for it. Autocracy number 3 is an entertaining 12 pages which might not break any new ground, but does show off how dangerous Soundwave and his minions can be. It may be nothing new, but I liked how Soundwave had a minion for every situation. It almost feels like a “new toy” episode of the cartoon, where the new toy is shown in a great light with all their gimmicks on full display.

This issue is also a good showcase for Livio and his artwork. In other issues the reduced page/ panel count will hurt his work, especially in action scenes where he has to cram a lot in. Here though he has plenty of room to breath and everything is much easier to follow because of it. His colouring is also really nice, especially the border scenes at the end.

Another nice touch are the little bits of information that is dropped throughout the issue. We now know why Starscream wasn’t under any suspicion in issue 2 and that the Decepticons are more than an underground movement at this point – they have control of Kaon, even if it’s not clear if this control is recognised as legitimate occupation. It’s possible that Starscream is the Kaon delegate, although that would make Zeta Prime a bit of an idiot.

So while not an amazing issue, this is a fun and pacey twelve pages, highlighting Soundwave and his crew. Nothing more and thankfully nothing less

4 out of 5

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