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Transformers Autocracy #5
Reviewed by Red Dave Prime


Quick Spoiler – Acroplex is actually a hidden Metroplex. His guns are quite distinct in the opening shot of the building.

The Matrix shrine is similar to the room Optimus Prime will converse with Metroplex in during “Monstrosity”.

Slinger was the Megatron-backing civilian seen in issue 4. He seems to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Hot Rod in the Nyon resistance though so we can assume he is not an out and out decepticon sympathiser.


“The young Hot Rod has lead a clever chase, a pity you could never recruit him” – Megatron makes a little nod to Starscreams role as a recruiter in Spotlight:Blur

“You met Zeta. He strike you bein’ powered by the source of all power and light?” – Ironhide doesn’t buy into the idea that the Primes are the chosen line of leaders that they claim to be.

“You’re government bleeds us dry and you wonder why we bomb you?” – Hot Rod makes a fair point to Orion Pax.

“Maybe it’s time we realised the Decepticons aren’t the Real problem” – 4 million years of war after this, I’m guessing Orion Pax wouldn’t agree with himself.

“You see that Fire on the horizon Prowl? That’s our future burning” – Orion Pax summing up the final panel of issue 5 pretty well.

Issue Review

This is a real slow burner issue, building up the scenes for the carnage that we will get in issue 6. Lots of nice references to the Knights and the other mystical side of Cybertron culture and while Pax’s realisation that he is on the wrong side is a little ham-fisted (he really has gone through this already in Chaos Theory), it’s still done well enough. I kind of get the feeling that Hot Rod could have been a bit more passionate in his words and it would have been interesting to see a Roberts speech thrown in here (or Nick Roche – no slouch at the speech writing there either) but that could just be me. It’s interesting to think that this selfless robot will evolve into the ego-led hero of MTMTE – usually these things go the other way.

The original character Slinger is an oddity here. Considering how reckless the writers have been with shoe-horning known characters into roles, it strikes me as odd that they didn’t try and have another known character as Hot Rod's mentor or friend. He also has the most basic robot design – I can’t imagine what his alt mode is, bar maybe he transforms from Slinger the robot to Slinger the slightly different robot. Maybe that’s the point though – he really just fades into the background.

Tied to some really nice artwork, Ruins is a nice lead-in to the second half of the Autocracy series. It feels like half an issue but that’s more the fault of the delivery system and certainly not the writing. Coming up to the midway point and I’m still enjoying Autocracy. At times it’s a bit too straightforward in its delivery, especially for a tale about the clandestine actions of an uncaring Government but it’s still an intriguing title.

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