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Transformers Autocracy #6
Reviewed by Red Dave Prime


The Omega Destructors are (apparanetly) mindless weaponised clones of Omega Supreme.

As in previous issue, Pax’s troops have specific roles in his squad – Ironhide is heavy weapons, Bumblebee is Sniper and Hound and Prowl are recon and diversions.


“Dissidents of Nyon! You have been branded Traitors to the Autobot Regime!” – Zeta Prime declares class warfare – genocidal style.

“Careful Starscream. You have no idea what I am capable of” – Megatron doesn’t appreciate the comparison to Zeta Prime.

“I’m just about done getting Blown up today” – Ironhide has better things to do tonight then die…

“It’d not about choosing the side that’s right… But the one that’s going to win!” – The Zeta Prime philosophy on how to make friends and influence people.

Issue Review

After the slow build of last issue, Autocracy #6 is pretty much full on action. There’s a slight feeling of Déjà vu with the Autobots battling the Omega Destructors being seen in Dreamwaves War and Peace. Still, it’s all done well and Livio’s work is vibrant and more clear than usual.

He also draws a great Zeta Prime. In previous issues, I found the Zeta design unappealing and just plain odd but seen in action, I actually get what Livio was going for. Think of the Chaos Knights & Marines from the Warhammer universe and you’ve got Zeta Prime. I’m still not 100% sold on the helmet design but the panel where he attacks the Autobots is lush.

Being such an action-based issue, there isn’t much else to this. Hot Rod gets the big emotional moment where he has to make the decision to destroy his own people rather than have them become Fuel for Zeta Primes Destructors. It’s a big moment and the writing isn’t quite up to it. It will be interesting to see how this carries over into Hot Rod throughout the series.

So this issue ends on a nice cliffhanger. Zeta has made his big play and Orion Pax looks to be caught between his former Leader and the Decepticon terrorists. Staring defeat in the face, can the future Prime rise?

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