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Transformers Autocracy #8
Reviewed by Red Dave Prime


Of course, the main glitch here is with the story “Bullets”, a text story included in the collected Last Stand of the Wreckers. In it, it gives the impression that Zeta Prime was taken out by a Sniper Shot from Megatron – something somewhat backed up by the image in issue 3 of More than Meets the Eye when Cyclonus explains some of the Great war to Tailgate. There’s a (awesome) collage of images, one of which is Megatron with one huge sniper rifle. Still, it could be argued that Autobot propaganda gradually changed the facts so that Megatron was more sneaky in his defeat of Zeta Prime.


“You’re playing a Dangerous game here Zeta. Your Releckness in Nyon has only emboldened Megatron and his Sympathisers” – It’s never quite clear how corrupt the rest of the senate are. They disapprove of Zeta Primes plans but maybe not his motives.

“You could have stood at my side as Masters of this World” – Zeta claims an offer he never really made.

“You must be out of your mind old timer” – Seriously, even Magnus is making jibes at Ironhides old age now?

“Us old-timers have to stick together” – Kup to Ironhide. Well, at least they have each other.

“At least Sentinal wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty” – a bit of an unfair slander from Megatron – Zeta did lead his army of Omega Destructors through Nyon after all.

“Goodbye Orion Pax” – Megatron ends a beautiful friendship.

Issue Review

Things pick up again as Pax and his troops side with the Devil against Zeta. While things arent’ exactly mind-blowing, there’s some great stuff here with the combined force working really well in tandem to cut a swathe through Zeta Primes defences.

The main battle is also decent enough with Zeta going down swinging and Megatron getting a pretty cool execution scene. The artwork throughout works really well and for the most part is clear, clean and atmospheric. I’m not sure Livio is good at drawing Megatrons head but the rest of his body is done really well. The treacherous shot to the back is also a great panel and fitting for the moment.
Even if that moment is so well signposted that its got its own route on google maps.

Indeed, once again the main problem here is that it is simply impossible for this issue to generate any tension despite the major battles going on. Too much of the cast are well established in the current era – the only possible casualties are Zeta and his Omega Destructors. This situation may have been helped if Dille and Metzen had built up some no-name redshirts to be in Paxs first command, so that their deaths (or even just threat of death) could have lent a bit more gravitas to proceedings. That may be a little harsh and what is otherwise a fine issue, but this is a clear case of the casting hurting the drama.

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