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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Adaptation #2
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

Last issue had too much stuff going on. Do we need the nuclear silo raid or whatever span three pages? Do we really need Ratchet yapping along for so long? As a result much of the subsequent issues cut out many things from the real movie, causing for some discontinuity. In particular, Samís ďyouíre a messengerĒ and Carly receiving a car are all cut out, so the subsequent scenes look like theyíre pulled out of nowhere. Also, the battle against the Dreads are abysmally drawn, as is the climatic scene of Sentinel shooting Ironhide. Wouldíve scored higher if the art has been better, but as it is itís just an embarrassing adaptation of the movie.

Differences from the movie

Several scenes are cut out, including Samís working experiences, Megatron ordering Laserbeak to assassinate the humans, Samís insecurity with his job and his girlfriend, Carly getting a new car from Dylan, the whole interaction between Laserbeak and Wang (Laserbeak just flies in and shoots Wang to hell), Samís difficulty in getting into the NEST base, Mearing dissing Sam and calling him a messenger and Sam contacting Simmons.

Obviously Wang does not pull out the documents from his pubic area. While he still pulls down his pants, the documents are strapped onto his leg, and instead of the two being in a cubicle, Bruce steps out of the cubicle to see Sam and Wang in the main area of the restroom.

Instead of running away from Laserbeak, here Sam takes down Laserbeak with a fire-axe, carving the Decepticonís head. He survives and dialogue implies he was retrieved by Soundwave.
There is a scene in both the comic and novel adaptations that is cut out of the movie of the Dreads contacting Megatron. And later of Wheelie and Brains counting the stars to pass time.

Again, like in the novel adaptation, Bruce is present when Carly dumps Sam. Also, Carly rips off the bunnyís leg in the house instead of outside near her car.

Dutch does not flip out and beat up bartenders here. Instead, this uses an earlier version of the script (again seen in the novel) where Brains hops out and speaks in Russian to charm the Cosmonauts into sharing their information.

The Russians refuse to work with Simmons and Sam initially because they thought that they represent the Decepticons.

The Dread battle is quite different from the final version in the movie. Here only Hatchet transforms, and heís the one who pulls Simmons out instead of Crowbar. Also, several unused sequences that made it into the novelization as well are: Dutch reversing his car in order to slam a Dread (Hatchet here) onto an overhead signpost, Bumblebee transforming to evade missiles instead of just rubble, and the final Dread slamming onto Ironhide and blowing up instead of a Mexican standoff.

Simmonsí leg is ran over by the clumsy Dutch running over him.

Again, Skids and Mudflap are present at NEST headquarters.


In the first frame that he appears, Brains is coloured completely gray.

When he transforms, Sentinelís head is uncoloured.

When Sentinel shoots ironhide, Sentinelís head looks like itís been squashed from the top.

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