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The Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance #3
Reviewed by Zigzagger

Issue Review

A well paced issue with lots of revelations, an exciting scuffle between Starscream and Optimus, and at least one “easter egg” that, I shamefully admit, brought a grin to my face. Important events such as the Autobot’s dissention and how Megatron will incite the Great War continue to evolve nicely, while characters such as Prowl and Ratchet get an opportunity to shine.

However, some of the same spacing gripes I had with issue #2 are still lingering about. Notably, Starscream and the others go from congenial to genocidal rather suddenly, and while it’s briefly set-up in the previous issue, the shift is still jarring. Were they too seduced to the dark side of the force via the relic? Also, Megatron being able to build his army in, what seems to be, no time at all does require the stretching of the imagination. But, the plot needed to move forward, and it does, so it's understandable that some areas had to be skimmed over.

Overall, despite a few niggles here and there, this is a solid and entertaining read. Defiance still proves to be the superior of the "Destiny" duo.


Figueroa makes his return to Transformers comics after Beast War: The Ascending #3, and later a TFCC exclusive book. Though, during his quasi-hiatus from Transformers, he occasionally drew covers for the various TF titles.

When Ratchet expresses his liking to the name “Optimus Prime”, Optimus modestly answers that it could simply mean “records clerk”. This is most likely a reference to the War Within series, once published under the now defunct Dreamwave, where a pre-Prime Optimus, then known as Optronix, was a records clerk.

The ranking of “Prime” holds similar, though slightly different connotations in the movie-verse. Though it refers to a linage of certain Cybertronians, it would seem that a Prime here is revered as some kind prophet or other. The details aren’t entirely clear at this point.

Most likely due to the shift in artistic duties, Figueroa depicts a few of the characters differently than Khanna or Griffith had. Notably, Optimus’ vehicle mode looks considerably different, resembling a sort-of armored vehicle/Batmobile versus the more familiar “protoform entry-mode” version.

And thus, in a Palpatine-esque fashion, Megatron forms the Decepticon faction here. And like the Star Wars character, garners support through fear and sympathy.

To beat a dead horse further, the B variant cover for this issue bears a striking resemblance to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Really, it does.


Arcee: I’ve got a match. I mean, the pieces are all different, but they all share the same symbol in the same area.
Optimus: Which symbol?
Arcee: That one…on your head.
Ratchet: Optimus, this is proof that the Dynasty of Primes is real! As hard as it may be to accept, you’re somehow connected…
Optimus: “Connected”? You mean I might be…a Prime?

– Ratchet draws an interesting conclusion.

Ratchet: There are so many artifacts here! This is the greatest discovery of our time, Optimus…I’m sorry, I mean, Optimus Prime. That’s got a nice sound to it, I think.
Optimus: Now, now, Ratchet. I’m sure it’s some kind of mistake. For all I know, it could mean “records clerk” or something.

– Optimus references War Within

Optimus: You’re mad, Starscream! I should kill you after what you’ve done! [pins Starscream down, holding blade to his face].
Starscream: You’re outnumbered, Optimus. There’s no escape. Megatron rules Cybertron. He has been chosen.
Optimus: I have been chosen as well.
Ramjet [searching through smoke]: Starscream! Where are you?
Optimus: Tell Megatron that he will not control us [punches Starscream across the face, knocking him out].

– Optimus “makes do” with Starscream

Megatron: We shall crush our enemies both on Cybertron and among the stars. We’ll adopt a new image and a new name. For all those that side with me shall be known as…Decepticons!

Emperor Palpatine Megatron announces the formation of the Galactic Empire Decepticons.

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