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The Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance #4
Reviewed by Zigzagger

Issue Review

Exposition abound! And there sure is a lot of it. Though Defiance #4 starts where #3 left off, the remainder of it weaves in and out of montages and narratives, making a shift in pace from the issues prior. However, while the origin of Transformers and the Harvester are important to state, this is also the third or fourth recount of the Allspark launch. Though retelling it effectively ties Defiance in with the other prequel books, its inclusion reads like an afterthought – that, or filler. Altogether, it’s a bit piecemeal rather than being a full, solid issue.

Another gripe (as argued on a few of the other TF boards), is that the Cybertronian war is explained in rather simplistic, black and white terms – with one side fighting for the right of existence, the other motivated by a great eeee-vil. However, considering it’s attempting to draw a broader audience, I’m willing to let that one slide for now. At least, with the case of Ironhide, Cybertronians are free to align themselves with whom they wish, rather than automatically be predisposed to a specific faction.

Nevertheless, given the constraints of telling a tale within four issues, Defiance #4 manages to do a passable job cramming the issue with as much information as possible regarding the movie-verse’s origins, and even throws in a few movie tie-ins to boot. A few continuity glitches here and there, but an important missing link to the film universe.


Though it is certainly not the first time it has been seen in the movie-verse books, the Nemesis battlecruiser is, of course, named after the Decepticon ship of the same name that appeared in the original Transformers cartoon and comics, as well as the Beast Wars television series.

There are many cameo appearances this issue, too numerous to name them all, but several Revenge of the Fallen exclusive characters do pop-up from page to page. Most notably, Soundwave, who, quite surprisingly, sports colors that closely resemble his G1 counterpart. Jetfire (page 8), Demolishor and Mixmaster (pages 8 and 9) can also be seen during “the relic’s” narrative.

Before “the relic” goes into exposition mode, it mentions the Matrix. Oddly, it hasn’t been mentioned up until this point, as well as there being any indication as to what it is or what it can do, just that it can somehow free it.

The last half of the book effectively ties into the events of the prequel books for the first movie, where the battle in Tyger Pax and Optimus’s crew boarding their ship take place. So, essentially, this is a prequel of a prequel.


Okay, so the Allspark needs suns to replenish itself. But not just ordinary suns, you see – it requires “suitable” suns. Despite not being particularly clear as to what a “suitable” sun is, the universe is awfully big with plenty of stars to choose from. Surely suitable stars (or suns) aren’t that difficult to find? In fact, I bet our sun fits this ambiguous criterion….Oooh, I see. Well, isn’t that convenient.

So…Optimus would rather send the Allspark into space rather than stow it away on his ship because it would be space better used for survivors and refugees. However, those of us that have seen the 2007 movie know that the Allspark can be compacted to roughly the size of a basketball – at least small enough for Sam to carry it, anyway. Surely there would’ve been room for it?


Cliffjumper: Don’t move, Ironhide. Don’t move or I’ll shoot.
Ironhide: With that? I’ve got these. [shows his ion cannons]
Cliffjumper: But that’s all you have. You see…I’ve got them. [Jazz, Bumblebee, Smokescreen and Arcee surround Ironhide]

– Ironhide is greeted by Autobot customs.

Ironhide: I have no desire to destroy the innocent, and I know your group to be innocent, Optimus Prime.
Optimus: Please, just Optimus.
Ironhide: But that is what your team calls you.
Optimus: How did you know that?
Ironhide: I’ve been listening in on your group for solar cycles now…What? You think I’m all punch and no processing? Trust me, Optimus, you’re going to need my help.

– Ironhide disproves our misconceptions of him.

The Relic: It [The Allspark] gave us workers, but they were not like us. They were special and were to be the first of your race. Creatures born with the ability to change their form. They were all different and they were all needed.

– And from that, the fandom would argue.

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