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Fall oc Cybertron #2
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

”Happy and unhappy are the constructs of lesser intelligences.”
Dheeraj Verma’s art is still very sub-par, even worse than the last issue which already feels unfinished. The art here is pretty bad, proportions are horrid, details are lacking… some panels are straight-up bullshit, like the panel of Swoop transforming… that’s just a bunch of random floating pieces of metal that only calls the mental image of Swoop just because it’s coloured in. Starscream’s mouth looks shit, the battle scene… they’re all not very good to look at. On the bright side, though, John Barber steps up the writing duties. I like the framing monologues of Grimlock while the bulk of the story tells of Swoop’s little infiltration mission. It gives some character to Grimlock, and the bickering between Starscream and Shockwave is pretty fun. Some things are explained, and all in all it’s a pretty good setup, unlike the previous issue. In fact, you can start reading here and basically nothing will change, since the entirety of the last issue is summed up in two or three of Grimlock’s narration boxes.


All the Lightning Strike Coalition members transform into tank-like vehicles, including Swoop.

Wall crawler enemies from the game patrol Shockwave’s lair. The Insecticon grunts, are, obviously, enemies from the game as well.

As the game implies, this issue shows that Shockwave has rediscovered the Insecticons and somehow controlled them, although like the game, the comic remains vague on how exactly Shockwave managed to do both.


A little inconsistency with the games – the generic Insecticon drones are coloured differently from the primary three in the games, and a good bunch are coloured in disco colours. Those that are purple are also very pale compared to the classic Insecticon scheme. Also, not 100% on this, but I’m pretty sure the grunt Insecticons can’t transform into robot modes.

Starscream’s mouth

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