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Infestation 2: The Transformers #1
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

”K’otha da rh’lytho – da m’thtas k’otha v’leel”
A mess. A good half of the issue basically explains about the Tesla tower and their attempts to revive Optimus Prime, with the scene of the Autobots sacrificing themselves and Tesla acting all crazy like a madman dragging on and on. A lot of the scenes are superfluous, and I can’t really feel that the Elder God is much of a threat. It’s not explained why Cthulhu needs worshippers or whatever to call it above the water, while he has been destroying ships left and right before. The issue is just all messy, and Cthulhu rises from the water twice for no reason when the two scenes could have been combined. The Decepticons and Autobots are all identikit and the Decepticons in particular feel completely unnecessary to the story and add nothing. If anything, they make the Cthulhu even less threatening since they do everything else. The climax is ended in the span of a page, with Optimus Prime hacking tentacles and not much else is shown. Also, what happens to the non-Shockwave, non-Blitzwing Decepticons? What happens to the mutated citizens of Port Cenotaph? Stuff like that. The pacing and storytelling here is really horrid, and both Cthulhu and Transformers alike are all handled poorly.


The enthralled citizens of Port Cenotaph have been mutated by the Elder Gods’ power. In addition to having green skin and glowing zombie eyes, they also have webbed fingers and gills. Ironhide has also sprouted tentacles like Bonecrusher, even though the other Decepticons don’t.

Ratchet looks slightly offended when Tesla mentioned that the Tesla towers will mean no more need in building Transformers.

Wheeljack wields curved swords like his Transformers: Prime counterpart.


I know it’s dark and everything, but how does the captain and his first mate be able to see the markings on the lifeboat and carry on a conversation for some time without noticing that the crew are dead and look like zombies? With glowing eyes?

Doesn't make sense how Optimus Prime sparing some energon to four deactivated Autobots can somehow still be enough to allow all five to be in tiptop condition for battle.

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