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Transformers Ironhide #4: Any Old Iron
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

"Look on the positive side, though. You just saved an entire planet. The only other Autobot who can say that... is me."

Not much happens this issue. Technically, it could be summarized as 'Ironhide and Metroplex kill the Swarm, they talk a bit, Alpha Trion leaves Cybertron'. The action scenes are well-done, though, and dialogue between Alpha Trion and Ironhide are well-scripted. Alpha Trion is well-defined, whether you like his new incarnation or not. He's a self-important jerk who doesn't want to lift a finger to help exterminate the Swarm. However, using Metroplex as a quick solution isn't much of a great climax. Plus, that's not counting the obvious plot holes. Also, the art is way too clean for my liking. Places that are supposed to look destroyed look too clean. Even debris and corpses all look as if they had been polished.

But the conclusion doesn't quite stand up to the psychological, well-written opening of this mini. While it's not as dire as the ongoing's first arc, Ironhide's conclusion isn't too much satisfying. With some shuffling, this could've been better in two and a half issues, perhaps as a backup story in the ongoing to replace the Spike Witwicky rubbish we've had shoved in our face. The conclusion falls flat, sadly. Sunstreaker does jack shit after his revival, and the mini seems to exist so Cybertron could be used as a future setting. After all, no one would believe that Ironhide would stay dead so much even though it had been advertised as the selling point of the ongoing's first issue. Despite its faults, at least this mini has characterization and great scripting. It doesn't quite stand up to LSOTW, but it does show that Costa has the talent if he puts more thought into it (and work on better endings and retcons if he realy needs to do them). Costa should really stop trying to make grandiose plots and work on character. Character pieces are clearly his strength. It's the plot organization that's his weakness.


Alpha Trion mentions that he has been working on removing the corrosive elements from Cybertron's atmosphere for years, giving an explanation why several minutes in Cybertron is enough to knock the Technobots out in Stormbringer, but the Autobots are able to stay there for months during AHM.

Alpha Trion name-drops Varas Centralus, a planet that the Wreckers were fighting in during Stormbringer #2.


In his spotlight, Metroplex was seen in Salvvaton for at least some time. Alpha Trion's dialogue seems to imply that Metroplex had been on Cybertron throughout his mission.

Why couldn't Metroplex just bombard the Insecticons from orbit? The citybot is shown to be able to fly in orbit, and he has those supermassive guns on him.

So Alpha Trion's master plan to get rid of the Swarm is to wait for Ironhide to die? That's cold. And dumb.


Alpha Trion: "Me? Fight them?! I'm Alpha Trion!"

Sunstreaker: "Alpha Trion. Who would believe it, huh?"
Ironhide: [unimpressed] "Yeah. Wow."

Alpha Trion: "Why don't we save time and you just make a list of all the things you don't understand? That way, I'll be all the way to Varas Centralus before you finish."
[Ironhide grits teeth and sucker-punches Alpha Trion]

Alpha Trion: "Are you crazy? My bodyguard is as big as a city!"
Ironhide: "Yeah? Well, I just killed an entire city. So who's the one who should be scared right now?"

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