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Transformers Nefarious #2
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

”Sooner we get this dump leveled, the sooner we can say we didn’t find nuthin’.”

Mind-numbingly dull. To be fair, the Optimus Prime monologue is pretty well written and the bookending parts are okay. Ironhide and Sideswipe all get some nice lines between them as well, and Dirt Boss’ rantings are endearing. But otherwise the issue is rubbish. There isn’t a single saving grace for the Initiative… it is a real pain in the eyes to read through any page with the agents talking. I don’t see any point in introducing Reverb and Brakedown other than 'must shove toys into the comic!'. Unlike Chris Mowry, they don’t even get to say a line or two… they’re just there to die. Not even trying to give characterization. Also, all the cadets introduced from the first issue don’t even say anything.

The art makes things worse, with hastily-drawn lines, inconsistent colouring and… well, the lack of an inker, apparently. What is it with freehand drawing? It’s painful just to look at the art. Galloway’s excuses for disbanding NEST is horribly done as well. And while the plot moves forward ever so slightly, the fact that Optimus Prime spares Soundwave’s life (just because, you know, the third movie…) doesn’t seem right. Basically, this seems to be Furman’s form of revenge after being dropped out from the main comic.


Reverb is drawn with four arms and a very worm-like head to differentiate him from the more grasshopper-y Knock Out. Like Knock Out, he also has a hologram driver.

Dune Runner is still drawn in the Armorhide (Landmine repaint) design, a carry-over from last issue. He still hasn't been named, adding to some confusion with the readers.

When fighting Soundwave, Optimus Prime airdrops with parachutes in the style of his entrance to the Shanghai scene in Revenge of the Fallen.

Soundwave has Barricade-esque buzzsaws in his wrists.


Ironhide has a faceplate at several points. Sideswipe's face is still messed up.

How does the Decepticon threat be downgraded to ‘blue’ when Megatron, Starscream and the rest are still loose? And surely Galloway wouldn’t be such a dick that he’s willing to sacrifice lives just to get at Lennox?

If Soundwave is unsure about Ravage’s revival, why employ him in the battle against Ironhide when he could’ve used the other not-Cassettes? Also, Ravage disappears from the battle after Ironhide throws him off.


Dirt Boss: “Hnh. In other words, he don’t want to get his dainty, little mitts dirty. That’s fer the likes of us!”

Dirt Boss: “Oh, well. If Soundwave thinks I’m going to scrape around on my hands n’ knees like some skunk offa CSI… he got another think comin’.” [blows up farm]

Random NEST Pilot: [on the state of Utah] “Are you kidding? The whole state’s practically one big landing strip!”

Ironhide: “Don’t get cocky, Sideswipe. You start believing your own hype it’s the fast way to the scrapyard.”
Sideswipe: “Thing is, Ironhide… I really am this good!” [bisects Brakedown]
Ironhide: “Lad, you’re only ever as good… as your backup!” [kills Reverb]

Ironhide: [to Ravage] “And scratching my back… will not make me scratch yours.”

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