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The New Avengers/Transformers #2 (of 4)
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

Big outer-space robot war. Got it.

The many problems with this issue can be summed up by the fact they use it to introduce a major new character, yet all he does is get told to go stand in another room away from the plot.

The whole thing is badly plotted (Doom seems to be there for no other reason than him also having a Movie out), drawn staggeringly badly (those chins are still there) and has dialogue that would make a Galactica 80 writer die of shame.

All in all, completely without merit and best only bought for use if you ever need toilet paper really, really badly.


Ms. Marvel claims to have seen examples of worlds ravaged by the Decepticons whilst out in space with the Starjammers. Meanwhile, Iron Man has being hearing rumours of giant robots for some time (Machination connections?), but has never bothered to tell anyone.

Wolverine isn't fooled by the simulacrums.

In order to break mind control it's best to place the Inhibitor as the base of the neck. Doom seems to break Wolverine's conditioning just by electrocuting him though.

According to Megatron it's standard policy that if a target world has superheroes the Decepticons will learn to adapt/siphon those powers for their own use.

In terms of fitting this in with main IDW continuity: the big problem is that the Autobots are all shocked when they see the spider-cons even though they should just assume their new powers come from Ore-13.

The saga of Ramjet: before issue one hit the shelves it was announced this comic would be featuring a new character who'd then go on to get their own Spotlight issue. So when preview pages for this issue were put on line and featured a character of entirely new design it was assumed this was the 'Con in question. It turned out though that "new character" in this case just meant new to IDW, and it was in fact Ramjet. The strangely drawn fellow was in fact supposed to be Thundercracker and was redrawn as such for the issue proper.


Why on Earth does Megatron give ramjet a hard time over loyalty when he's the only Decepticon currently on Earth who hasn't tried to usurp him?

Meet Dr. Doom- master of exposition. he randomly turns up, explains the plot and then wanders off again. Why didn't he head of to the other country straight away? Is he really planning to walk there? How much diplomacy does he plan to do with a bunch of crazed soldiers in his way?Megatron tells Skywarp to stand in the Spider-power chamber but in the next panel it's Thundercracker in there.

Then in the panel below that he's morphed into Blitzwing. Meanwhile Ramjet is so annoyed at being sent out the room he forgets to take his wings with him (he doesn't have a conehead either, but we'll put that down to artistic variation).

Whilst the Autobots are mostly in their IDW designs the Decepticons seem to be in their original character models- with it being most obvious on the Seekers.


Optimus Prime: Humans- You must leave this place.
Wolverine: RRRRRR.

Dr. Doom: I am a man like you- A citizen of this planet. And my first priority is my people. I will not see them destroyed by mere machines.
Ratchet: Huh!

Iron Man: Man and machine. What happens when they meet? You call in an expert... know anybody like that?

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