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The New Avengers/Transformers #3 (of 4)
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review


Utter cack. After three issues, the two groups of heroes are still loitering outside the Dome with all the purpose of a group of kids playing knock-door-run. Also, of all the other team-up clichés we've had to endure, we now have the two teams of villains teaming up and then betraying each other in less than ten pages!

Art wise it's insipid, with most of the Transformers fighting in their useless car modes and terrible renderings of the characters.

Ultimately this doesn't even achieve a certain kitsch grandeur; it's just so bad, it's bad. Find a wet wall to stare at for five minutes instead.


In terms of continuity, this seems to be no longer compatible with the bulk of IDW's material. For example, in the IDW continuity Prime and Megatron's meeting in Escalation is their first in many years, yet this issue (set before) ends with them face to face. Unless everyone gets a mind wipe in the next issue this is strictly What If? territory.

Iron Man's giant suit was built especially to fight Transformers. It burns up its power supply quickly in combat, but is compatible with Autobot technology enough to allow them to recharge it.

Prowl's irritability with Ratchet refers to their conflict in Infiltration (so some bits are part of this Universe.) There, as here, Ratchet placed saving individual lives over the mission objective and Prowl's orders.

Megatron can shoot beams out of the palms of his hands. Is he a secret Go-Bot?


Captain America [as he flies a plane thing into battle]: 'O say can you see, by the dawn's early light?' I can."

Prowl: "Save it, Ratchet. Go with the human, keep him from getting his fleshy little body crushed. I'll just save the planet myself."

Ramjet: "Ha! Sucker!"

Megatron [on Doom]: "Useless human."


Runabout and Runamuck attack Iron Man in car mode. Wolverine seems to think the best way to attack them is to smash their windscreens rather than... say slashing the tires or going at the engine.

Prowl really thinks it's a good idea to give his big "**** the humans, **** them right in the eye" speech when standing next to an agent of the US Government. Way to build bridges, Prowl.

Why does Doom suddenly want to help Megatron enslave the world? How did he get back to the Dome without anyone seeing him (especially as there seems to be only one entrance)? During the hologram conference Spider-Man, Doom, and Cage are the same height as the Transformers. And finally on this subject, why doesn't Doom take this perfect opportunity to un-mask Spider-Man (this is pre-Civil War remember)? Is he suddenly a villain from the 60's Batman TV show?


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