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Transformers Prime #2
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

"Cliffjumper, do you trust me?"

A step down from the last issue. The art is pretty horrible on the characters' faces at numerous points in the issue. The sub-par colouring and the ugly expressions on the characters don't help either. Starscream is portrayed as a bland, arrogant villain. Frankly you could replace Starscream with the generic Eradicon commander from chapter one and still have the same impact. The Space Bridge is a distinct plot device to get Cliffy, Arcee and Screamer to Earth. No doubt they will survive the explosion and land on Earth next issue. No suspense

On the other hand, Cliffjumper is still great stuff, with his blustering attitude and great lines. Arcee is portrayed as a cold professional with a biting wit, and both Autobots are characterized well. That cheesy moment at the end is kind of grating, though... although it does emphasize Arcee and Cliffjumper's friendship. Which, in retrospect, makes the first episode of the cartoon so much more bitter. An average issue.


Megatron used fight in the gladiatorial pits of Kaon before leading a revolution, the same backstory that was made for Megatron in the G1 comic, as well as Dreamwave, IDW and War for Cybertron.

Cybertron having older cities under it is based on a similar concept in the G1 cartoons, as well as the Giant Planet in the Cybertron series. Apparently Arcee has explored it before the war.

The Space Bridge, is, of course, a reference to the multiple interpretations of Space Bridges across Transformers lore. This particular one seems to be inspired most closely by the Animated incarnation.

Like Cliffjumper and Arcee, Starscream is in his pre-Earth Cybertronian body.

Judging from Starscream's dialogue, Megatron is on Earth at this point in time, putting it some time before the pilot five-parter 'Darkness Rising'.


Andrew Dalhouse is credited as 'Andre Dalhouse' in the TPB. Strangely his name is spelt correctly in the credits for the first chapter.

Considering Starscream's persona in the show itself, I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't order his troops to kill Cliffjumper on sight. Or, for that matter, to actually trust that Cliffjumper is working with them.

During the battle, Starscream and the Eradicons are block-coloured at least twice when they are in the background.

How does Starscream know that they'll be mining energon on Earth?


Arcee: "They're a part of Old Cybertron, but the 'Cons don't think twice about the past. All they care about is dominating the future."

Starscream: "If only the mighty Megatron could be here to witness what we — what I — have accomplished in his absence!"

Cliffjumper: [to a Decepticon] "Can anybody tell me where the nearest Decepticon base is?"

Starscream: "YOU!"
Cliffjumper: "Me! Crazy, right?"

Cliffjumper: "You Cons are always so trusting... it's adorable."

Cliffjumper: "Don't they realize they're shooting up their own place?"
Arcee: "Well... I'm happy to help them!"

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