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Transformers Prime #3
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

"Are we there yet?"

Dull and slow-paced. It reads well as part of the TPB like this, but taking it out and presenting it as a separate issue would mean that we spend an issue to see Cliffjumper and Arcee walk around for a bit, scan their alternate modes and get bombed by Starscream. There's really not much that happens, what with the Autobots taking more than five pages to scan alternate modes and Starscream needing two to do his.

That said, both Arcee and Cliffjumper's dialogue, with Arcee warming up to Cliffjumper as a friend instead of just a partner, is done well, for what little we see of it. There is hint of more... savage violence as well, if the ripped-off arm is anything to go by. The art is better than last issue, especially with the expressions, although transforming scenes look horribly unrealistic. Still, it's best read only as part of the TPB. If it's sold as a separate issue it would be positively banal.


Starscream mentions several times that he has been on Earth before and that he's returning there. Based on his dialogue (he's unfamiliar with humans) this seems to take place a long time in the past, or it was a short trip.

The Transformers can scan and immediately alter their forms without needing a ship or a CR chamber to do so, the same way the Transformers in the Armada/Energon/Cybertron series, and more famously in the Live-Action Movies, do.

Space Bridges materialize as a ripped portal in the sky before disappearing.

Starscream's "ah, yesss..." line seems to be based on Beast Wars Megatron's catchphrase. Although I could just be spouting nonsense here.


When Cliffjumper hugs Arcee, her stomach and, um... chest are coloured red instead of blue and silver.

Why didn't Arcee and Cliffjumper contact Optimus Prime? Sure, they don't have scanners, but surely Prime's group would have one.

Arcee's yellow bits are consistently coloured silver.


Arcee: "I don't think becoming one with the Allspark includes meeting adorable organic creatures."

Cliffjumper: "Hmm... something's missing. Horns! Perfect!"

Starscream: [on a rabbit] "What's this? Humans are smaller than I remember."

Cliffjumper: "Well, I just think it's interesting that you didn't say 'I need'. You said 'we'. Looks like you might be leaving the solo act behind for good, huh, partner?"

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