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Transformers Prime #4
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

"And this is just the beginning."

Well, the Autobots' battle with Starscream and Breakdown is well-done, even though I don't like seeing Breakdown as a hulking brute. The little moment where Arcee and Cliffjumper are seemingly going to die is a bit anticlimatic, though you know those two will appear in the TV show, so they won't possibly die. And Optimus coming in for the rescue... a serviceable ending for a prequel to a TV show, I guess. It manages to do what it's supposed to do... get the readers in love with Cliffjumper and Arcee before watching the show. Cliffjumper's stubborn loyalty and refusal to leave Arcee is touching and rather tragic, when you think about it.

I read this before watching the show, and was surprised when Cliffjumper... eh, can't spoil that for you. The art is a little too jagged for my liking, but it suits the mood well. Although what Optimus Prime is supposed to be doing in that splash page is a bit beyond me. Falling out of the sky? Dialogue suffers a bit, though; after the better monologue in the first two issues it's a bit jarring to have such childish dialogue.


At the end of this issue, Cliffjumper and Arcee have rejoined the Autobot team on Earth.

The Autobots utilize the Groundbridge, kind of like the Space Bridge but it works on the ground. It seems to be inspired on the similar plot device from Robots in Disguise.


For the initial battle with Starscream, Cliffjumper and Arcee both shoot laser blasts out of their palms, when normally they need to convert their hands into weapons before attacking.

On page six, Cliffjumper has purple eyes instead of yellow.

On page six the colouring makes it look as if Starscream has grown a goatee.

When Bumblebee punches Starscream, he has an unproportionally gigantic arm.

In the show itself, the Groundbridge is a glowing blue tunnel. Here it seems like a liquid wall thing.


Cliffjumper: "C'mon, soldier! Stay with me!"

Starscream: "They're cornered! Finish them, Breakdown!"
Breakdown: "I don't take orders from you, Starscream... but I can't say I disagree."

Arcee: "...Cliff... jumper..."
Starscream: "I have to say... I'm starting to like this planet!"
Cliffjumper: "...Arcee... I'm sorry..."

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