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In Word and Deed
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

One last bullet in the chamber, Fisitron.
It only takes one page, and it makes up the last page of the mighty hardcover Wreckers trade paperback, and it focuses on Verity… but in addition to showing some characterization for Verity and drawing some parallels between her constantly jumping from place to place, abandoning first the small ‘family’ of Hunter and Jimmy, and then the second one of the Autobots, and also hinting at a nice little attachment with ‘Uncle Magnus’ the whole scene feels pretty sad and melancholic – Verity is one of those characters who eventually grew on me, and as she reflects on how only words are left of her and Ironfist, it’s revealed that Ironfist left a small legacy – a second Aequitas slug. I do love how effective the art is. The somber, sad scene of Ultra Magnus just looking before turning his back on the screen and offhandedly ordering the decontamination of Verity’s room (and considering what we know of Magnus from future stories, it’s a bit of a subtle character moment there)… and Verity just seemingly looking at an iPad (cleverly a guy next to Verity is playing on a smartphone) as the camera pans around and shows her with the Aequitas slug. It’s a great stinger, a well-written epilogue and a really nice note at the end that doubles as a stinger. I do also like how ‘Zero Point’ and this story are both placed at the very end of the hardcover, after all the other extra bonus stuff, acting as some kind of post-credits scene to hint at the return of both Springer and Verity and Aequitas. It’s a nice, melancholic little story.


Hunter O’Nion and Jimmy Pink’s scene here takes place all the way back after Maximum Dinobots. Hunter is shown wearing the Autobot shirt with Headmaster implants on his elbows. This evidently takes place before Hunter’s capture and subsequent torture and death in All Hail Megatron.

Verity’s letter to Hunter addresses him as ‘Mulder’, a reference to their first meeting in Infiltration #0.

Verity refers to Ultra Magnus as ‘Uncle Magnus’ like she did in the first LSOTW issue, a fact which Magnus would later bring up while on a drunken haze in More than Meets the Eye #13 that Verity was the only real person who ever liked him. While Magnus remains impassive, considering he uses Verity as his holomatter avatar seems to imply that Magnus likewise has some fondness for the human.

Verity signs off as ‘Veritron’ in her letter to Magnus – and as Last Stand of the Wreckers #5 implies, she’s taken up the Fisitron mantle.

The idea of a second Aequitas data slug being left behind by Ironfist to Verity was an idea cut out for space from the original Last Stand of the Wreckers script, also included with the hardcover.

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