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The Battlestars: Return of Convoy #1 (1991)


After receiving reports of a secret Destron plot deep out in space, the Cybertron warrior Sky Garry moves in to investigate in starship mode. All of a sudden he encounters a group of Destron warrior drones and clouds of tentacled space charges. He transforms to robot mode and is confronted by a drone. Confidently, Sky Garry cracks his knuckles and then attacks with his "Mystery Sucker Punch!" The drone is left stumbling with a large hole in his chest. He promptly explodes. Sky Garry then turns to the space charges and unleashes his strongest attack, "Plasma Power!" He easily eradicates the devices and radios his teammate, Grandus. Grandus is busy doing battle on the Destron base, Lucifer. Astonished, Sky Garry realizes that only the original Convoy could save them and end the war. Elsewhere in space the mysterious being called Dark Nova (Who has a more than passing resemblance to the Vok aliens from Beast Wars) describes his plans to rule the universe.

Meanwhile on Earth an arctic oil drilling station is being ransacked by Destron drones for energy. Instantly, Megatron erupts from the ice in a sleek new Super Mode (complete with an "SM" symbol on his helmet). The rig workers run for their lives as Super Megatron laughs hysterically above their heads. Megatron reaches down and plucks up one of the helpless workers. Showing a more vicious side, Super Megatron slowly licks the poor bastard and informs him that he will be eaten as a snack. All of a sudden the Cybertron train warriors arrive on the scene to disturb his meal. They quickly fuse into Sixrunner and attack. Annoyed, Megatron shoves them aside effortlessly with one hand. Sixrunner slams hard against a wall but quickly gets back to his feet and tackles Super Megatron to the ground. Megatron drops the rig worker who quickly escapes to safety. Suddenly Sixrunner is hit by laserfire from a team of Destron drones. Smoking and immobile, he collapses and wonders when Convoy will arrive to stop Super Megatron. Megatron walks over to a glass box the rig workers are now imprisoned in and informs them they will be the refreshments at his victory party.

All of a sudden there is a blinding explosion of light which catches the Destrons off guard. Star Convoy comes down from the sky. Megatron is less than pleased to see is old nemesis functioning again. Relieved, Sixrunner gets to his feet and cheers Convoy on. Star Convoy tells Megatron to stand down and surrender. Super Megatron then replies that the Megatron he knew was no more, he is Super Megatron now. Convoy retorts that he's about as "super" as a super market. Super Megatron raises his Fusion Cannon to strike but before he can fire Star Convoy lands a powerful blow to his face. Immediately Megatron returns with an uppercut and proclaims that the energy has made him stronger than ever before. Super Megatron then shouts "Power Up!" and transforms into his new jetfighter mode. He quickly strafes Convoy with gunfire as the rig workers look on in horror. Convoy transforms into his enhanced truck mode and speeds off away from the rig workers. To draw Megatron away from the innocent people Star Convoy baits him into following. Super Megatron is far from impressed and chases after Convoy. At top speed Star Convoy heads directly for an oil tank surrounded by drones. The drones flee in terror but are crushed beneath his wheels. Defying gravity Convoy drives vertically up the side of the tank and straight into the air. Shocked and unable to stop in time Megatron crashes nose first into the oil tank. In mid air Convoy transforms to robot mode and sends a blast from his gun straight to the tank. Star Convoy lands as the oil tank explodes with Megatron stuck inside. Horribly injured, Megatron flies off swearing vengeance on Convoy. Sixrunner replies that Convoy is no more, he is Star Convoy now. As the sun sets behind the horizon the freed rig workers cheer their thanks to Star Convoy. Star Convoy assures them that as long as he is around the Destrons will never win. Sixrunner shouts his agreement with excitement and Generation One comes to a close.


As the finale of Generation One in Japan, Battlestars had its ups and downs. Super Megatron looked awesome. Very awesome. I don't know why they never produced a toy for him. As a matter of fact, there wasn't a single Destron toy produced in the Battlestars toyline. I'm a little indifferent about the whole human eating thing. Sure, it made him look like an evil psycho, but is that really Megatron's style? Star Convoy looked pretty good as well (Craptacular toy, however). Over all, the art for this comic was somewhat better than most of Comics Bon Bon's previous Transformer work. There is a beautiful color image of Star Convoy blasting through space that can be found in the Transformers Generations guidebook.

The story is lacking, however. It is short given the space restraints in TV Magazine so I suppose they did what they could. Star Convoy sort of just "appears" with little explanation as to how he was brought back to life. Sky Garry and Grandus are sort of left hanging with no real point to the beginning except to establish that they existed. Dark Nova looked very cool, though. However, the supernatural space demon thing had sort of been done before in Zone with Violen Jigar. As mentioned above, Dark Nova has a more than passing resemblance to the Vok from Beast Wars. Story-wise it could make sense that he might be of that race.

Now to the nitty-gritty. This is all there is of Battlestars. The rest of the story was told through pages of art and advertisements in TV Magazine. There was the Operation: Combination manga, but that actually took place at the same time as battlestars despite being made afterward. Don't worry, there's always Japanese G2, though that wasn't any more spectacular.

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