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Introduction to the G2 US comic

Artwork from the issue 1 gatefold, by Derek Yaniger.

Two years after the cancellation of the original Marvel comic, Hasbro began co-ordinating with the company to make a title based on their new Generation 2 toyline. Rob Tokar was assigned as editor, and he contacted Simon Furman to write the series, with Hasbro getting a 12-issue guaranteed lifespan from Marvel.

Furman's first work was a short, free Halloween Special, and then he and new artist Derek Yaniger began work on the main title while Hasbro's other toyline comic, GIJoe, began a crossover to lead up to the launch.

The first issue arrived in Autumn 1993, boosted by a gatefold cover. Initial sales were promising, but there was a problem with Yaniger, whose work-rate was too slow. For issue 2, the Halloween special had to be reprinted, and the main story featured contributions from Andy Wildman and Manny Galan. Galan would then take over as main penciller, with Yaniger generally handling a smaller back-up strip, and the covers.

On the plus side Furman was given total creative control, with no real pressure to include the newer G2 toys, and fan reaction was very positive, though sales began to fade.

Darkwing [based on the Dreadwing toy] from issue 8, art by Manny Galan.
Sideswipe art published in the letters page of #12.

Geoff Senior replaced Yaniger as secondary artist from issue 10 onwards, but the issue also announced the comic's cancellation at issue 12, sales having fallen badly.

The bumper-sized final issue tied up most of the loose ends, as well as giving a tantalising glimpse of proposed future enemy the Liege Maximo, and featured farewell letters from Furman and letterer Richard Starkings, plus some unseen artwork from Derek Yaniger and Chi.

Despite its short lifespan, the Generation 2 comic is probably the most acclaimed Transformers storyline to date, especially since the later rare issues have been avaliable online. It's also been very influential, being the inspiration behind Matt Dallas' seminal fanzine 'Transformers Continued Generation 2', and found a whole new audience after Titan issued the series in two trade paperbacks in 2002.


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