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Transformers the Movie

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#1 - "The Planet Eater!"

Cover: Don Perlin
Cover Date: December 1986

Adaptation: Ralph Macchio
Breakdowns: Don Perlin
Finishes: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Letters: Janice Chiang
Colours: Nel Yomtov

Later Reprinted In: Transformers the Movie Special [UK].

Synopsis: It is 2005. The world of Lithone, populated by transforming robots, is enveloped by corrosive smoke, and consumed by Unicron, the planet-eater. Only one native, Kranix, escapes. On one of Cybertron's moons, the Autobots are planning a counterattack to take Cybertron back from the Decepticons. Optimus Prime sends Ironhide to collect more Energon from Autobot City on Earth to fuel their assault. However, the exchange has been overheard by Laserbeak, and Megatron intercepts the shuttle, killing the crew and using it to get past the Autobots' Earth defences. However, the disembarking Decepticons are spotted by Hot Rod, allowing Springer and Arcee to activate Autobot City's defences. Devastator threatens to break through, but Optimus arrives with reinforcements. He seriously damages Megatron, causing the Decepticons to retreat, but is himself mortally wounded. He passes the matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus before dying. Meanwhile, the Decepticons, led by Starscream, throw their wounded from Astrotrain, including Megatron. The wounded Decepticons drift towards Unicron, who rebuilds Megatron as Galvatron, and the other Decepticons as new troops, in return for the Decepticon leader destroying the Autobot Matrix.

Notes: Autobot City's transformed battle mode is named as Fortress Maximus [it doesn't resemble the character's base mode in any way, though]. Notable changes from the film include:

- Unicron uses mist to break down Lithone instead of just eating it.
- Kranix transforms to escape his dying planet, rather than using a shuttle.
- Arbulus doesn't even make it off the surface.
- The Autobot shuttle is in an asteroid field when attacked. This is actually taken from a draft script for the film, where the asteroids interfered with the Autobot radar, allowing the Decepticons to sneak up on it.
- The Decepticons land the shuttle, and are then spotted by Hot Rod, rather than him blowing the hell out of it.
- Kup doesn't seem to be stuck outside of the city with Hot Rod.
- The SOS to Optimus Prime isn't shown.
- Swoop is missing from the Dinobots.
- Megatron attacks Prime with a light saber.
- The Matrix design is totally different.
- Hot Rod doesn't catch the Matrix - it's passed straight to Ultra Magnus.
- There's at least one 1985 Decepticon jet among those thrown from Astrotrain.

Errors: Unicron is very close to Cybertron after destroying Lithone. Cliffjumper is coloured yellow. On page 6, as Prowl talks to Ironhide, his mouth disappears. Slag's dinosaur head is all-gold. Megatron and Prime collapse about six foot from each other, and the Autobots and Decepticons do nothing about each other.

Transformers featured [in rough order of appearance]: Cliffjumper, Ironhide [killed by Starscream using Megatron], Optimus Prime [mortally wounded], Bumblebee, Laserbeak, Megatron [mortally wounded], Soundwave, Starscream, Prowl [killed by Starscream using Megatron], Ratchet [killed by Starscream using Megatron], Brawn [killed by Starscream using Megatron], Hot Rod [first appearance], Perceptor, Arcee [first appearance], Ultra Magnus [first appearance], Springer [first appearance], Bombshell, Kickback, Devastator, Sludge, Slag, Grimlock, Sunstreaker, Frenzy, Astrotrain, Kup [first appearance], Blurr [first appearance], Hook, Bonecrusher, Scourge [first appearance], Cyclonus [first appearance], Galvatron [first appearance].

Notable Others: Arbulus [first appearance, destroyed], Kranix [first appearance], Unicron [first appearance], Spike [first appearance], Daniel [first appearance].

Production Notes: Each issue of this three-part limited series was priced at 75¢.

Review: If you ever needed proof that the Movie's badly written, this is it. Stripped of the impressive visuals, there's not a lot here - granted, several sequences are simplified, but there's only the barest semblance of a plot beyond "big random fight!". Perlin's pencils lack dynamics, sucking out any real action, though there's a fair turn of speed to the plot.


#2 - "Judgement Day!"

Cover: Don Perlin
Cover Date: January 1987

Adaptation: Ralph Macchio
Breakdowns: Don Perlin
Finishes: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Letters: Janice Chiang
Colours: Nel Yomtov

Later Reprinted In: Transformers the Movie Special [UK].

Synopsis: Galvatron's first stop is Cybertron. He interrupts Starscream's coronation, killing the traitor and retaking Decepticon leadership. Meanwhile, Unicron attacks and destroys Cybertron's first moon. The Autobots then lose contact with the base on the second moon also. Ultra Magnus decides the Autobots will face Unicron, but as their forces leave the city, they're attacked by the Decepticons. The Autobots escape, but the Decepticons are still chasing them. Kup and Hot Rod's shuttle is downed by a strange probe from a nearby planet, while Magnus' shuttle only narrowly escapes. Kup's team are scattered over the planet. Kup himself lands with Hot Rod and Grimlock. They are captured by the native robots and taken before the Quintesson judges who rule the planet, and imprisoned. There they meet Kranix, who tells them about Unicron. Just then, the Sharkticon guards arrive and take Kranix away to be executed. Later, Hot Rod, Grimlock and Kup receive the same sentence, and are dropped into the Sharkticon pit. There, they prove a match for the Sharkticons, especially when the other Dinobots show up, having followed the trio at a distance. Grimlock wins the respect of the Sharkticons, and sets them to attack the Quintessons. They then meet a small Autobot named Wheelie, who's been hiding on the planet and knows where there's a ship to escape. Meanwhile, Spike and Bumblebee leave Moonbase 2, having filled it with explosives to try and slow down the advancing Unicron. It doesn't work, and their shuttle is sucked inside Unicron.

Notes: Notable changes from the film include:

- Shrapnel appears to have not been chucked out of Astrotrain.
- The Autobots stand on the surface of the Moons, rather than inside any bases.
- The shuttles escaping Galvatron on Earth is in more depth than in the film. Magnus and Springer replicate a manoeuvre they used off Beta Four against Megatron, heading into an asteroid field. Galvatron then exclaims "They did the same to me off Beta Four". This sequence was present in a draft version of the script, but excised before animation.
- A weird thing clobbers Kup's shuttle, rather than it simply crashing after evading the missiles.
- Grimlock remains with Hot Rod and Kup throughout their adventure on Quintesson.
- Wheelie simply turns up at the end of the Quintesson segment.
- The destruction of Moonbase 2 happens much later.

Errors: On the first page, Cyclonus' bunny-ears are blue. On the next page, his canopy is read, while Galvatron's got an odd blur colour scheme that will show up in a couple of places throughout the issue. Moonbase 1 looks tiny. Hot Rod is coloured like a Dinobot as he falls to Quintesson. As Hot Rod says the line about contempt, his spoiler is missing. Kup's colour scheme is all over the place as he fights the Sharkticons. Grimlock's teeth are blue when he babbles about munching metal. If Wheelie knows there's a ship on Quintessons, why hasn't he left?

Transformers featured [in rough order of appearance]: Scourge, Cyclonus, Galvatron, Shrapnel, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Soundwave, Bonecrusher, Cliffjumper, Jazz, Ultra Magnus, Kup, Arcee, Hot Rod, Grimlock, Springer, Sludge, Slag, Swoop, Perceptor, Wheelie [first appearance].

Notable Others: Unicron, Daniel, Spike, Kranix [killed by Sharkticons].

Review: A half-baked space travelogue full of stupid clichés and idiotic dialogue.


#3 - "The Final Battle!"

Cover: Don Perlin
Cover Date: February 1987

Adaptation: Ralph Macchio
Breakdowns: Don Perlin
Finishes: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Letters: Janice Chiang
Colours: Nel Yomtov

Later Reprinted In: Transformers the Movie Special [UK].

Synopsis: Ultra Magnus' shuttle crash-lands on the planet of Junkion. The Autobots begin to salvage the shuttle when they're attacked by the Decepticons. Magnus attempts to open the Matrix, but fails, and Galvatron has him destroyed before taking the Matrix and leaving. Just then, Hot Rod's group shows up. The Autobots strike up an alliance with the Junkion natives, who rebuild Ultra Magnus and agree to help fight Unicron. Galvatron tries to use the Matrix against Unicron, but he can't open it either, and his master reveals his true form - an enormous robot. Unicron then swallows Galvatron, before attacking Cybertron. The Autobots attack Unicron, and their ship flies through his eye, scattering the crew around inside him. There, Hot Rod meets Galvatron. The pair fight, and Hot Rod is able to open the Matrix, becoming Rodimus Prime. The opening of the Matrix destroys Unicron, the Autobots escaping before he blows up. Rodimus leads a rout of the Decepticon forces on Cybertron, declaring a new age of peace and happiness.

Notes: Notable changes from the film include:

- The planet of Junkion is named as Junk.
- The Junkions don't attack the Autobots.
- Magnus is drawn and quartered by the Sweeps, rather than just gunned down.
- There's no bloody dancing.
- The sequences inside Unicron are heavily truncated - Daniel never rescues the Moonbase crews, though Spike, Bumblebee and Jazz do randomly turn up in a couple of frames.
- The narration mentions the Autobots mopping up the Decepticons on Cybertron.

Errors: Perceptor's forearms are pale blue on page 3. As he tries to open the Matrix, his waist and left leg are dark grey. As Hot Rod's ship arrives, Wheelie is grey and Sludge has a yellow chest. In the third frame of page 19, there's just a white square where Hot Rod's Autobot insignia should be. In the fifth frame, he's got two wheels on his arm. In his first two frames, Rodimus is missing the spoiler on his back. On page 23, Jazz is in one frame, coloured like Grimlock. Magnus knows Wreck-Gar's name without being told it.

Transformers featured [in rough order of appearance]: Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Springer, Perceptor, Blurr, Cyclonus, Scourge, Scavenger, Shrapnel, Galvatron, Grimlock, Sludge, Kup, Wheelie, Hot Rod, Shockwave, Rodimus Prime [first appearance], Jazz, Bumblebee.

Notable Others: Daniel, Wreck-Gar [first appearance], Unicron [destroyed by the Matrix], Spike.

Review: Horribly edited. The last segment has so much cut from the film it's near incomprehensible, with the visuals dreadful to boot.



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