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Titan Transformers #6 (Jazz)
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

A nice enough story ruined somewhat by coming right on the back of two others where aliens get into the lead characters head and dredge through their memories. If Furman's already running out of ideas, the comic is going to be in serious trouble.

On the plus side, a chance to see the "real" Jazz shorn of cultural influences is very welcome, and I'm a sucker for Autobots who are bastards beneath it all. The art is nicely bright and chunky without seeming childish as well.

All in all, though it's no great shame we're moving on from prequel stories, hopefully the new arc will reinvigorate things a bit.


This ends both Titan's first story arc and their run of stories set before the Movie; issue 7 will bring us back to the present day. Jazz's character is fairly interesting here as, due to the time it's set, the comic can't use his personality as seen in the Movie where he's influenced by the Earth culture he's encountered. Here we see his love of absorbing alien cultures, but generally he comes across more like how Furman writes G1 Sunstreaker, vain enough to leave his spark core exposed because he thinks it looks better and thus causing Clocker to sacrifice himself to save his comrade. Noticeably, despite being forced to relive it, Jazz doesn't seem all that bothered about having caused a death afterwards.

Clocker is based on the non Movie toy, a repaint of the Cybertronian toy of the same name.

At the end of the issue they head home to Cybertron, suggesting the planet has yet to be abandoned at this stage.

Matere previously drew Spotlight: Soundwave for IDW.

This issue was first published the week the film came out on DVD in the UK, and thus is a "Movie Special" according to the cover. No doubt the previous five issues weren't "Movie Not Very Special Really" ones. As the December issue there's also a Christmas theme in the sense there are plugs for toys for you to persuade Santa to get you.


Ratchet is green again. It's a shame that we're leaving the pre Earth modes behind before anyone drew a standard design for the artists to work from...

As the issue opens Jazz has been on the planet several times before this, so why only attack him now?

The contents page claims this story shows how Jazz came to Earth. Is the Editor not reading the comic?

Fantastic Free Gift!

A tactical target shooter! Lets you shoot a ball at ickle cardboard cut outs of the characters. Or after you've had a few beers on Christmas day, you can fire it at the cat.


- Character Profile on Starscream.
- A feature on the new UK Transformers online shop, with a competition to win 2o to spend there.
- Interviews with Shia LaBeouf and "Megan-Tron" Fox (with a competition to win the film on DVD).
- Top Gear covers the Best of books on Simon Furman and Don Figueroa, a watch, the Cyberstompers and some nice cushions.
- The letters page deals with the concern regarding the first issue having letters from those who had seen the Movie before release in the UK, but only gives a sheepish "Who knows?" style response.
- Due to the space needed for the extra interviews this is the first issue not to have a "Smackdown" or a poster based on the cover.

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