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Titan Transformers #8
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

It's interesting to compare this to the last issue. Both very, very slight, barely noticeable stories that just revolve around an action scene. But whilst issue 7 was a pathetic comic thanks to BOO's crayons, here we have the return of one of the masters. And it rocks, the best artwork this comic has yet produced..

The plot is almost irrelevant in that regard, though it would be nice if Furman either pulled his thumb out and put some effort into the scripts or handed over to someone who will. So buy it for the art, and the poster for your wall, and start writing letters asking for more of the same.


After last issue's side step within the Movie, this is the first piece of tie in fiction to be set after the events of the film.

Captain Lennox was supposed to be leading the mission, but has been reassigned. The soldiers we do get are all new and have not met any Transformers before.

We're told that Lennox lost one man to Scorponok - this confirms that despite his injuries (and dying in a deleted scene) that Figueroa survived his experience in Qatar.

Qatar is actually a real place rather than one of those made up Arabian countries so beloved by Hollywood: That was a surprise to me.

The exact spelling of Scorponok seems to be subjective with different places going for a C or a K as the second letter. Furman here pumps for the G1/Movie toy spelling.

The Sabot rounds that worked so well in the film don't have any affect on Ironhide.

Stewart "Staz" Johnson is a legend who, as well as a lot of interior art, also drew some of the best covers of the entire original Marvel UK run. Kris Carter is not the creator of The X-Files, but a fan who has previously coloured some of IDW's Mosaic one page fan stories.

This is the first issue to have a drawn cover rather than one using CGI promo pictures from the film.


So what is Lennox doing that's so important he can't deal with Scorponok? Surely someone with experience of these creatures is more useful here?

What has Scorponok been doing since the film? Just wandering round the desert?

Fantastic Free Gift!

Transformer "Tattoos" (for which read transfers), and a sweatband for you fat sweaty types. Both come in Autobot and Decepticon variations.


- Bonecrusher profile [Using interior art from issue 6),
- A poster of the cover,
- How to draw Bumblebee (Text: Andrew James, Artwork: John McRea and Lee Bradley),
- Top Gear covers Transformers hats, the Devil's Due GI Joe Vs The Transformers omnibus and the Beast Machines season 2 DVD boxset. With competitions to win all,
- Starscreams include some real tattoos and a five year old locked in a torture box that looks a bit like Optimus Prime.

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