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Titan Transformers #13
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

Once again Furman falls down slightly at the climax. The whole plot could probably have been done much better in four issues with the removal of the Moon sequences, Skyblast's team contributing little to the final resolution and feeling like little more that a desperate attempt to shove as many of the non film toys in as possible.

The resolution also feels too neat and glib, Sector 7 having a virus they never mentioned that switches off the plot is just lazy writing really. On the plus side, the dialogue is still amongst Furman's best, and Matere really comes into his own here with some of the best artwork yet seen on the title. It's interesting how the artists who've gone for a chunkier more toy based approach to the characters have done the best work.

The issue ends with the idea of staying in this continuity not seeming particularly exciting, but whilst a disappointing resolution it's still a very pretty read.


As well as the Energon sword Prime has a spinning forcefield thingy that makes him look like a member of Rotor Force. When his face place is smashed in we have the first glimpse of Prime's mouth in any of the film comics, and get a even better look on the last page where the mask has been completely retracted.

By linking to the Allspark Megatron is able to instantly repair any damage and call on greater strength. When the cube is destroyed a massive explosion and a mushroom cloud are the result, suggesting something similar to a nuclear blast.

This entire storyline has taken place in the alternate timeline. Considering Furman's acknowledged influence from Star Trek in a few places it's worth noting that the Enterprise two-parter In A Mirror Darkly is one of the few other examples of a ongoing SF story doing a AU story with no involvement from the regular versions of the characters. The storyline continues into the next issue, but it's at present unclear if the disassociation from the normal time line will carry on as well.

The Sector 7 developed virus is something we'll assume they never came up with in "our" Universe as them not mentioning it in the film seems a bit odd. It doesn't just kill Megatron, but reduces him to smouldering rubble.

The cover is a homage to King Kong, perhaps a odd choice considering it ignores the story's main selling point of featuring the first prime/Megatron fight since the film. The pilots name on the side of the one F-22 is Col. S. White, a reference to Steve White, the editor of the title.

Longarm is badly wounded, but is taken out of the factory before it explodes, so his final fate is uncertain. Whilst most of the Drones seem to be killed Bonecrusher is MIA as well [but see Goofs].

Marcelo Matere becomes the first person to have drawn two Titan issues.

Something of a milestone, this ends the first full year of the comics publication, finishes the two back up strips that have been running from the start (though the next issue box promises Beast Wars at least will continue) and at 68 pages is the longest issue to date (with an extra page for the comic itself, the traditional length of the Marvel UK strips). That page count doesn't include a 12 page pull out feature promoting both Transformers Animated and the tie in comic from Titan that will accompany it, which was the "Sensational" news mentioned last issue.


The Energon sword has changed from blue to yellow, Bonecrusher and Skyblast have changed colour schemes, Mikaela has changed into blue overalls and invested in a new pair of shades, whilst in what may be the least shocking mistake ever Elita-One has changed her head design again.

Strongarm and Bumblebee's lines about helping Prime are attributed to the wrong characters. Perhaps to make the IDW reprint fit in with the rest of that company's output where that happens every other issue.

How did Starscream get into Hoover Dam without being seen, and why can no one hear him talking to himself at full volume?

The Swindle Drones have all turned into Payload Drones.

Bumblebee infects Megatron with the virus by placing it on his headlights and... shining them at him. Eh?

The explosion at the Allspark centre is so insanely huge it should have killed all of Ratchet's team (who in the previous panel are only just outside it). One also has to hep it isn't a nuclear explosion despite the mushroom cloud or else everyone is a bit too relaxed on the last page.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Blade Target Shooter. So the next time you see celebrity tax dodger Wesley Snipes you can give him what for.


- A double sided poster, one side with the cover, one with a Animated Autobot group shot.
- 9 reasons why I love being... two features where Blackout and Starscream explain their love of their alt modes. The later includes a nice fanboy pleasing pic of a F22 and F15 flying side by side.
- Top Gear has features and competitions for the Megatron/Prime Animated two pack, a Revoltech Hot Rod, and Titan's Best of Transformers Volume 1 book. The best set of stuff on the page for a while.
- How to Draw A Battle Scene, called the cumulation of the features to date, this lets you put together a action packed cover.
- Artobots: they're only children, it's wrong to feel superior to their art skill and I would never do it, no Sir.
- Starscreams: Includes a rather sweet kid boasting of his fanboy credentials as he owns "Inferno Prime" and "Springjumper" from the 80's.
- Transformers Animated Pull Out Special, including:
Two page preview of the UK originated comic,
A advert for the comic,
Feature on the Dinobots,
Guide to the main Decepticons,
Overview of the initial toys,
Introduction to the human characters.

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