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Titan Transformers #14
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

A very uneven issue; on the one hand, we have the very clichéd "Hated and feared by a world that doesn't understand them" stuff with the Autobots that feels old and tired. On the other we have the Gaia stuff, which comes across as Furman reaching into his tool box and finding a style he hasn't used before and is a surprisingly adult concept for a comic aimed at the younger end of the market.

These two factors somewhat cancel each other out to create a average comic, let down slightly by the lazy art. But if nothing else it still shows Furman can be surprising even after twenty odd years


A direct continuation of last issue's storyline, it seems we'll be staying in the "Alternate" Universe at least until the build up to the second film's release starts.

The notion of all life on Earth being interconnected is known as the Gaia Hypothesis, most famously used as the basis for the classic BBC TV show Edge of Darkness (if you haven't seen it, go buy the DVD. And weep for the fact Mel Gibson is starring in the film version).

One of the fleeing Humans bemoans that "It never ends!" at one point. perhaps it's the alternate Universe Furman?

Perhaps surprisingly Elita-One gets to say "Bitch" in a kids' comic.

From here-on in the 11 page length becomes the standard for the original material.

This issue sees the start of two new back up strips. Whilst continuing Beast Wars is something of a no-brainer, the choice of Megatron: Origin over Reign of Starscream might perhaps seem a bit odd. There are basically two factors involved: The minor is that Titan seem to want the back ups to be the same length so they start and finish at the same time, and Reign of Starscream is the only five issue series IDW have done to date. The second, and most important, is that the Movie sequel comic directly contradicts Titan's output in a great many ways (most obviously issue 7), making it impossible to reprint as part of the same comic without extensive photoshopping and text rewriting.


Who is Starscream talking to when he has his big rant in his secret base?

Why has no on noticed the not even slightly covered up mind control chip on the base of the lead soldiers neck?

This features some of the laziest art ever seen in a Transformers comic, lots of drawings of characters are reused with minimal alteration (flipped, coloured for night etc) throughout the issue.

They reprinted Megatron Origin. Christ.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Disc Blaster. I wonder if there's a company somewhere that specialises in making comic gifts, sending the same ones out over and over but changing the Power Rangers/Doctor Who/Teletubbies logo?


A double sided poster of the cover and Animated Bumblebee;
Beast Wars Grimlock Profile (the first non-Movie character to get the treatment, it actually explains some background details as to how Grim wound up on the Axalon that aren't apparent from the comic);
Team Titan!, a new Bullpen style feature plugging other Titan titles and containing a comic strip that has women hitting each other with mallets if that's your thing baby;
Top Gear offers competitions for Classics Cliffjumper, Thundercats Season 2 part 2 on DVD and, shockingly, Encore reissue Jazz. Any kid who wins that will break him in about five seconds;
Artobots has some Headmasters;
Starscreams features a kid who's gotten his drawing of Optimus Prime on the back of a bus.

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