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Titan Transformers #15
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

This comic is at its best when being a straight down the line action issue, and this is no exception. Whilst it's a shame the "Earth dies screaming" stuff is being sidelined for now we do get a well drawn fight that has the Autobots acting sensibly and coming to the right conclusions in a logical fashion.

New artist McKeown generally does a very good job, except his Prime looks a bit anorexic and his Mikaela... well, if she were to fall over forwards she'd bounce back up again.

An enjoyable slice of hokum, in which even Starscream's Dr. Evil impression is tolerable.


And now... Insecticons. It's not clear if they are proper sentient mini Transformers like the originals that Starscream sneakily gave life to via the All Spark or if they're just just remote control drones. Based on their size relative to Starscream and to Allen they can do the shrinky thing the originals could as well.

Starscream proclaims "I love it when a plan comes together", so he's spent his time on Earth watching kitsch 80's TV (if it was season 5, that would explain his apathy to humans.) This means that when you see the contents page description of Starscreams begins with "Got a problem?" You will respond with the full A-Team opening monologue [Don't pretend you don't know it by heart].

Surprisingly all the talk of A.C.T. and SACEUR are based on real world NATO (SACEUR operates within Europe normally but, considering the nature of the crisis and the fact he totally failed to stop Paris getting blown up, might have expanded his responsibilities). With the various nods to James Bond that Furman has been including in his writing of late (facsimiles called Fleming and Markham, Scorponok doing his best Max Zorin impression is a blimp) it may be worth noting that SACEUR commands SHARPE, a organisation that features strongly in the Bond short story From a View to a Kill.

Theodore F. Allen, produces THE FALLEN if you highlight certain letters. Whilst its unlikely to be a coincidence, if it has any significance beyond Furman playing with us has yet to be seen. Either way it's unlikely to have any connection with the Fallen being the new baddy in the second film (the clue's in the title, Revenge of the Fallen.)

Allen was previously Vice President, and was also in the last issue (unnamed.)

Optimus surrendering to prove his good intentions is a trick he used previously in Marvel US# 71 (the clue's in the title, Surrender!.)


Starscream is still talking to himself, and has also repainted his command room in more evil colours.

Since his last appearance Tom Banachek has dyed his hair and grown a pornstar moustache (perhaps in honour of the alternate Universe tradition that at least one cast member have dodgy facial fungus?)

The commanding officer (dressed more like a parking valet, but for all I know that's NATO uniform...) shoots his subordinate at point blank range yet completely fails to kill him.

The contents page seems to be describing next issue's events rather than anything seen in this comic. The cover also promises the chance to win Animated DVDs... this seems to be a lie.

They're reprinting Megatron: Origin.

Fantastic Free Gift!

Some nice badges ("buttons" if you're American) that have images that change if you wiggle your head from side to side.


Team Titan!,
A cover based poster,
Competition to win some robot-themed tshirts,
Beast Wars Ravage profile,
How to Draw Frenzy, art by Lee Bradley,
Artobots (Powermaster Prime! Hooray!),
Starscreams has the Seeker tell a fleshling you see Barricade die in the film. The fiend.

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