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Titan Transformers #16
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

A strange side step from the storyline that the last few issues have been setting up. The mind control of Allen is ignored and the potentially interesting disruption of the natural order of the planet becomes a rerun of The Key to Vector Sigma (and yes, god help us, the first Dreamwave mini), with the simplified idea of Cybertron bursting out all over.

However, as obvious a choice as it was, evil Jazz is great fun and Ratchet once again becoming Furman's whipping boy gives him some interesting places to go. All in all an average issue.


The idea that a fragment of the All Spark/matrix can revive a dead Transformer is taken from Marvel UK 250 The Greatest Gift of All!. The notion that once it becomes tainted, the life force can in turn taint those it encounters comes from the tail end of the American Marvel comic, starting with the Matrix Quest sequence (US #62-66).

As well as Jazz, Barricade and Blackout show up for the first time in the alternate reality, belatedly confirming they didn't die in this continuity. Swindle is the only character who's definitely still alive at this stage who doesn't appear in the issue.

This is the first time we learn Energon is a naturally occurring thing within the Movieverse. The fact that Jazz is able to get three alien bidders for his auction means at least that many other species use it as a energy source. Jazz plans to sell the Energon for 5000 Drols per main unit.

There are three driving influences behind the issues plot. Firstly, a spoof of Arthur Daley types who sell Tower Bridge to gullible tourists, secondly that the alternate Universe setting requires that at least one of the regular good guys turn up evil (goatee beard and eye-patch optional), and thirdly that Ratchet has no luck whatsoever when written by Furman.

Tom mentions Sector 7 in the present tense, so the group is up and running again.

Reinforcements have been summoned from "Distant outposts", including Evac and a science team who are coming from Cybertron. This is the first time the Titan comic has implied there are still inhabitants on the planet, something that IDW's Reign of Starscream had also done previously despite it not really gelling with what the film tells us.

Jazz mentions Cosmic Rust, a reference to the cartoon episode of the same. We also get nods to inhibitor claws and, yet again, a truck that looks exactly like the original Optimus Prime.


How did Jazz find the time to set up the auction, acquire the holo-transmitter and inhibitor claw when he only learns of the Energon about five minutes beforehand?

When talking about the effects of the All Spark, no one mentions the illness spreading among humanity established two issues prior to this.

Where are the Decepticons getting the resources to keep building new drones?

The profile for Elephorca includes art from The Ascending of Torca.

They're reprinting Megatron: Origin.

Fantastic Free Gift!

Rotor Blaze Battle Launcher. Think Rotor Force.


Team Titan;
A cover based poster;
A competition to win Samba De Amigo for the Wii;
Profile for Elephorca;
A competition to win a Cosmic Catch;
A promo for the Animated comic;
Way Past Cool!, random feature with "Bumblebee" plugging different computer games;
Artobots shows Alex Milne how to do it;
Starscreams has the first mention of Revenge of the Fallen in the title. Expect more.

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