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Titan Transformers #17
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

A rather fun little first installment that effectively raises the stakes for the comic by introducing a more formidable lead villain to replace Megatron than Starscream. Stockade is... well, stock Furman (basically mad old Jhiaxus) but is a decent foil for Ironhide nonetheless. Cybertron isn't as scary or terrifying as it needs to be though. The art however is fantastic with some great colouring, so all in all a promising start to the newest mini-arc.


This is the first time Titan have portrayed present day Movie Cybertron (though it had showed up in IDW's Reign of Starscream prior to this). Its portrayal doesn't really gel with the description of a dead world in the film, it just seems abandoned rather than destitute.

Nucleon was a power source from the original toyline that, as well as increasing a Transformerís overall strength turning them into Action Masters at the exchange of losing the ability to transform. There's no indication either way if that has had the same effect here, but the source of the Nucleon is described as a well as in the Marvel comics. Stockade seems to think itís a super secret new power source, but there's no reason Optimus Prime wouldn't have heard of it in his position as Autobot leader.

Return to Cybertron is also the title of a well regarded two parter that coincidentally also started in issue 17 of the Marvel US comic.

Bumblebee uses his battle mask from the film for the first time in a comic.

This is the second giant sized issue (68 pages as opposed to 52). It is also the last issue to be published before the launch of the Transformers: Animated comic, the promotional effort for which is the reason for the extra pages. [Totally irrelevant, but the grid behind the "Giant Sized Issue!" proclamation looks exactly like the one from Blockbusters. Can I have an Alpha Q please Bob? Badaboomda. No? Well, please yourself...]

This is also the first issue where the reprint of one IDW title has covered the contents of two issues. We also get an extra special thank you credit on the contents page, bidding farewell to Hasbro Uker, Alison Paye.


Evac's team were described as coming from Cybertron last issue, so how did they miss Stockade and company and why doesn't Ironhide have access to any recent information on the planet? In fact, why didn't Prime just have Evac bring the Nucleon with him?

Speaking of Evac's team, despite being referred to as such last issue Camshaft seems to be in charge here.

The contents page describes the events of last issue for the reprints, and despite the covers claim Cybertron is not a zombie world [Though this is neatly covered by the free gift. In fact, the whole cover layout seems to have been designed with a smaller gift in mind].

The Prime poster calls the Robots in Disguise character of Koji Onishi by his Japanese name of Yuki.

Last issues story was call Dark Spark Part 1, whatever happened to Part 2?

They're reprinting Megatron: Origin.

Fantastic Free Gift!

Some rub on tattoos.


Promotion for the launch of the Animated Comic;
A double sided poster, one side with the cover and the other with part one of a "Many lives of Optimus Prime" poster covering all the different versions of the Autobot leader (part two is in issue 1 of Animated. The image of Powermaster Prime is the first time art from the Marvel comics has been used by Titan;
Starscreamís 10 Rules on Ruling, a jokey piece with advice on how to dominate;
Competitions to with The Next Avengers on DVD (plus those Hulk Hands that have been on clearance in supermarkets for months), Sonic Chronicles for the DS and some remote control helicopter things (the write up for which quotes The Outer Limits opening narration);
How to Draw covers a group shot of Scorponok and some soldiers;
Way Past Cool has some more computer game reviews;
Lio Convoy profile (the first time the comics main audience have seen his Lion mode);
Top Gear, after a few months absence, has write ups and competitions for Marvel Transformers and Universe Sunstreaker;
Starscreams has a letter from a young lad who met David Kaye.

Transformers: Animated comic preview

Synopsis: Starscream has successfully conquered the Autobot base with the aid of his clone army. However, Sari has escaped and made her way to the storm covered Dinobot Island, where she enlists help. Soon after the Dinobots arrive in Detroit, and easily see off Starscream. However, in order to get their help, Sari had to promise Grimlock that the Dinobots could stay at the Autobot base until the torrential rain stopped. Optimus is left praying for a dry spell...

Characters Featured: Starscream, Optimus, Bulkhead, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Starscream Clones, Sari, Grimlock, Swoop, Snarl.

Notes: An original strip to promote the launch of the UK Animated comic, this is apparently set during the second season of the cartoon. Snarl and Swoop speak for the first time, whilst Grimlock gets to quote his "Me Grimlock not Bozo..." line from the 1986 film.

Goofs: Well, it's hard to get any mistakes in such a short, light hearted strip but one has to ask: what are the Autobots going to do with all those dead Starscream clones?

Review: An excellent intro to the Animated Universe (especially for those like me who haven't seen much of it), this is fun, light and breezy and doesn't outstay its welcome at six pages. If the actual comic is this entertaining it'll be an excellent addition to Titan's output.

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