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Revenge of the Fallen #7 [UK]: Bring Me The Head of Optimus Prime
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

Much more like it. Ransack was a highlight of his last appearance and is nearly as good fun here, a miserable old git clinging onto his one claim to fame.

The plot is still fairly sedate, but at least this time rather than just having characters rehashing the same old points we get some well drawn action scenes instead. The twins managing to hold their own against two Decepticons through being completely barking is great fun, especially Sideways being stunned in every sense of the word by his game of chicken.

The whole thing could still have been done in less issues, but at least as we head to the climax we’re picking up momentum again.
The Deceptions have a base on Phobos, one of Mars’ moons. Presumably it was established there not long after they ran into Beagle 2 on the planet.

The twins quote Michael Jackson’s bad at one point.

Ransack is a different colour from his last appearance (based on the second version of his toy). That’s not going in Goofs as there’s been time for him to change it for whatever archaic reason.

When bluffing that they’re working directly for the Fallen the twins claim he’s currently incapacitated. Ironically Revenge of the Fallen shows them to be right on that score.

The business with Ransack is yet another North by Noth-West homage.

A slightly different cover this month, it’s larger than the actual comic within and has a hole cut in it so that it looks as if the stock CGI shot of Prime on the inside page is blasting through the chest of the stock CGI shot of Starscream on the main cover. The Prime picture is the same as used on the cover of issue #1 of the first volume, making it (technically anyway) the first issue to reuse a cover photo. It goes without saying that this is completely unlike the cover in the “Next issue” box last month.

As the December issue there’s a few references to Christmas throughout. It’s also the issue released at the time the second film came to DVD in the UK.

This is the last issue to bear the Revenge of the Fallen subtitle, from #8 it reverts to being plain old Transformers again.

The road layout around then farmhouse changes rather drastically between pages.

Soundwave’s plan is a bit convoluted, they only rescued the twins in order to discredit anything they might have told the Autobots about the Fallen, with that done why not kill them and then trust the Ransack mission to loyal Decepticons?

The Human Alliance sub-line is called “Human Driver” in the Devastator competition.

They're reprinting All Hail Megatron.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A suction blaster.
More Than Meets the Eye puzzle page;
Competitions for the big ass Devastator toy, Astrosaurs books (about the third time out for that range, someone’s a fan), Why Does Earwax Taste So Gross? books, Revenge of the Fallen and Delux toys, a Wii and Turtle games, Spooks books (the witch series, not the BBC spy show), another Wii (someone’s a fan of that as well) and football games;
A cover based poster;
Sideswipe’s Armoury covers the M1A2 Abrams tank;
Way Past Cool covers games with competitions (amazingly including another Wii);
Law and Disorder, including Starscream’s Stars (which has a dig at people who work on the wiki, either someone doesn’t like the write ups the comics been getting or they just like pressing the faboy orgasm button with a mention), and photos from the Dutch TFConversions convention.

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