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Transformers #15 [UK]: Making Waves
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

As with Etherington's last story in issue #10 this is a very slight story that could easily pass as an Animated comic reject. It's particularly easy to imagine, say, TFA Blitzwing being bamboozled by ghosts rather than Soundwave, a character who we were previously supposed to take seriously.

However, unlike the earlier story it may be aimed more at the younger audience but it's at least well done. It's fun seeing Transformers fight 1940's planes (and Davis-Hunt is clearly having a blast on those pages) and the increasing sense of wtf Soundwave experiences as he goes along is nicely done. Plus, it's educational!

Ultimately though there's not a lot to see here, the chances are you'll have forgotten about it by the end of the last page, it's just average.


Robin Etherington returns, for the first of three (at least, at the time of writing) issues. There's no formal word as yet as to if he's permanently replacing Furman or if it's an extended fill in.

Unusually for Transformers this issue takes the supernatural at face value, there's no Scooby Doo style rational explanation, the Bermuda Triangle is full of ghost ships.

The USS Cyclops and Flight 19 are both taken from real history, with the Flight 19 pilots named being genuine as well. There doesn't seem to have been a USS Nerus (well, at least it doesn't have a Wikipedia page...), but the suspiciously close USS Nereus was a sister ship of the Cyclops, albeit one that never vanished mysteriously.

Speaking of Wikipedia, Soundwave would seem to have his own version, giving him access to information on the ships and planes as he comes across them. After his brief flirtation with independence in the issues set before the second film Soundwave is here shown to be firmly in Megatron's camp once more.

This is the first issue to have no Autobots in it.


Sending Soundwave (the communications guy) to blow up some shit real good seems an odd choice on Megatron's part, surely he has troops better suited to the task? [Or has Bludgeon got them all?]

Come to that, blowing up the odd random ship doesn't seem that much of a reign of terror. The human authorities have only just noticed the Decepticons are behind it.

The stars from the American flags on Lennox and Epps' shoulders are missing on page 5.

Fantastic Free Gift

Some magnets, now you can have Arcee stuck to your fridge.


Competitions for Lego Minifigures, Dog Head books, Doctor Who activity books and Lego Toy Story 3 stets;
Bumblebee's guide to the Solar System cover Earth (the difficulty of a made up fictional alien trying to get some real science over is shown by the same sentence telling us that life needs water to evolve, but that Transformers don't);
Soundwave's Synapse Strengtheners quiz page;
Poster of the cover;
In Memoriam: Jazz, a tribute to the late Autobot that also covers the G1 (who died in the battle of the Underbase donchaknow) and Animated versions;
Total Devastation, colouring page of the cover to last issue;
Law and Disorder.

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