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Transformers #16 [UK]: Turn and Burn
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

Up till now Etherington's work on the movie comic has been somewhat uninspired, with one rubbish issue and one fun but throwaway to his name, both of which felt suspiciously like left overs from the Animated comic.

This is thankfully different. Though it's still not the most memorable comic of all time the follow through on previously set up plots is very welcome, as is Blazemaster being a bit different from the generic worthy raw Autobot recruits we've seen the title focus on the bulk of the post Revenge of the Fallen strips.

Whilst the idea Blazemaster might actually take up Skywarp's offer at some point isn't terribly convincing, the issue as a whole manages to combine a decent action sequence with some interesting moral issues. The main problem is the reduced page count isn't really enough to do this properly in (especially with an entirely new character), but it wins points for trying at least.


Whilst his previous two issues had been standalone filler this sees Etherington use the comics continuity for the first time. In particular the fall out from Bludgeon's prison break and the subsequent loss of public support for the Autobots in issue #13.

Unusually NEST aren't represented by any of the familiar faces, with the speaking part going to a chap named Klammer. It's a nice way of avoiding the UNIT problem of the crack military force seeming to have only three members [But see Goofs...].

Sing it with me: The cover is different from that show on the Next Issue page for #15.


Klammer looks pretty much exactly like Lennox, was it supposed to be him originally?

Fantastic Free Gift

A 2 in 1 Flyer... thing.


East of Egypt quiz page themed around one of this issue's setting;
Sideswipe's Armoury covers the Humvee;
Competitions for an Xbox 360 with Lego Harry Potter games, some Michael Scott (deep breath) The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel books,a scooter with a built in water pistol (!), a Wii and Gunblade NY and LA Machine Guns games ;
Cover based poster;
Bumblebee's Guide to the Solar System features Mars;
Megatron's Martian Mind Maulers also focuses on the Red Planet;
Law and Disorder has the hosts pretty much give up on working out what the Arcee bikes are called.

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