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Titan Transformers Universe #24
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Review: Revolution Part 2

Though it is to a certain extent a bridging issue between the start of the story and the big climax, it works surprisingly well. The tension as Starscream starts rolling out the troops is palatable, as is the grief and shock of Mikaela and Seward as they deal with the emergency and the Autobots “deaths”.

The real outstanding moment is however the arrival of Stockade. A logical but unexpected use of the comic’s continuity, the way he and the other new handful of new Decepticons take over an entire army with virtual effortlessness is a delight to behold.

With once again excellent art this is a good set up for the climax to the alternate reality, let’s hope Furman doesn’t screw this one up.

Review: Megatron's Revenge

The Afterburner storyline has been something of an albatross hanging round the neck of Titan’s Animated stories, uninteresting and obvious. So it’s a shame that after the last story took the series in the right direction we get an entire issue devoted to wrapping up this dull arc.

Both the art style and characters don’t lend themselves well to the relentless macho posturing here (if Shane McCarthy were to write for Animated it would be only slightly less butch than this), and Bumblebee’s grief doesn’t ring true as all we’ve ever seen he and Afterburner do is argue.

The best thing about the story is that by ending of this tiresome arc the comic can get back to doing what it’s done best. Sadly, it will only have one more chance to do this.


Mikaela either has a home or a hotel room in Virginia. With a rather old fashioned cordless phone.

Stockade, the new Decepticons and the Unicronised Cybertron all last appeared in issue #20. We see here Crasher has the ability to disable the lead “fulcrum” drone and take over any it controls. This definitely causes at least Hardtop to defect and join Stockade, and Mudflap may have joined him, though his actual fate is not shown. This results in a Decepticon Civil War, a favourite theme of Furman’s having been covered by the later Marvel US stories, the Marvel UK Earthforce issues and the early stages of Generation 2.

Despite being linked to Starscream, Megatron has access to more knowledge than him, being aware of Stockade and the power of Nucleon.

Stockade misquotes Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring with his “You shall not pass” line.

The Animated strip ends the Afterburner storyline that began in the first issue of the short-lived spin off comic. The destruction of the Autobot base and Starscream working for Megatron still means this isn’t set in the cartoon continuity after all, but a little bubble off shoot.

Unlike with the other two salvaged strips, there’s no cover page for the Animated section.

Animated Prime is such a noble fellow he warns Megatron when several tonnes of crane is heading towards him.

With the need to end the reprints next issue in time for the relaunch, the page count for both increases to half an issue each. This results in less filler activity pages than usual.


The previously recap for Revolution describes Starscream as having dominion over Earth.

Blackout is coloured like Evac as he flies away from Decepticon headquarters.

The mind-controlled humans are shown having completely white eyes. How has no one noticed this?

The credits for Megatron’s Revenge lists last issue’s team of Furman and McCrea rather than the actual writer and artist.

Swoop has somehow completely vanished from the Autobot base between the issues.

They’re reprinting Megatron: Origin.

Fantastic Free Gift!

Animated writing set and Movie pencils and rubbers (or eraser for any American’s who might be thinking the comic is giving out condoms).


Web World, word search with Animated Blackarachnia named for the original cartoon episode;
The Purple and the Red, colouring page based on the cover to issue 20;
Way Past Cool!;
Mystic Megatron’s Transformers Horror Scope, spoof star sign page riffing on the name of piss poor British psychic Mystic Meg. Leo becomes Leo [Convoy] and Scorpio Scorponok;
Top Gear covers The Humans game and the DS console, Animated Optimus, Megatron, Oil Slick [not pictured] and the Arm Blaster, with competitions for all;
Starscreams including more hilarious Arcee’s Soulmates.

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