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Titan Transformers Dark of the Moon #2: Gold And Blood
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek

Issue Review

A bit of an odd one this, suggesting the comic isn't entirely sure what to do now the films have (for the moment at least) climaxed. Soundwave's stock market malarkey seems strangely small fry despite being in keeping with the idea of the Decepticons manipulating things from behind the scenes in the third film, and the Tanto gang are a dull bunch.

However, the fight scenes have a nice bright fun feeling to them (even if the colouring isn't helping), and Ratchet's sarcasm helps give him some personality. Other than that, it's not a keeper though.


It's not actually clear when this issue is set. Soundwave is alive suggesting before the film (and if the unnamed black solider is supposed to be a pre-retirement Epps that would clinch it). However, his stock market plot, odd in so many ways, would make even more sense if this was in the lead up to the events of the movie where the Decepticons are planning an imminent take over of Earth where the economy will take a knocking. It's possible Etherington was working from a draft of the film where Soundwave survived, or, with all the named Decepticons dead, is choosing to ignore that so as to not just have a comic where the Autobots sit around drinking tea.

As with issue #1 there's some educational stuff on display here, albeit the El Dorado story is more myth than historical fact.

The Tanto's look like they're going to be a recurring group of human villains, possibly intended to be a Chinese Tong (“Kubikiri” sound appropriately Eastern, though the character is drawn as Caucasian).


Lennox decides to fight Soundwave, a giant robot death machine, alone rather than waiting thirty seconds for back up. He must really care about those gang members.

Why did Soundwave need the Tanto's anyway? He knew where the city is and has more than enough fire power of his own. If this is set before the third film he also has a large number of rich and powerful human slaves who could dig it up for him.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A meteor blaster.


The Lowdown... Shockwave, brief character profile, using the version seen in the other spin offs (logical, buried under Chernobyl for years) rather than the film's snarling thug;
The V-22 Osprey: The Real Transformer; guide to the USAF craft as seen in Dark of the Moon;
Competitions for Dark of the Moon books and “amazing” Lego Technic toys;
Dark of the Moon film poster (using the original UK release date);
Ratchet's Joke Page, Dear God No;
Hunt the Ark! board game;
Crater Jump Game, another board game;
Starscream's Stumpers! quiz page;
Mega Mouth.

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