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Titan Transformers Prime #11
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


Etherington uses the Alaskan setting to provide kids with some educational background on the sasquatch myth.

Bulkhead's mind was also threatened in the TV episode T.M.I.

The cover is again larger, this time to accommodate the cut out dice.

This is the last, to date, monthly issue of the comic. From herein it's quarterly, which seems to have been a late in the day decision. It's worth noting that Prime has basically made no impact in the UK whatsoever and it's likely the only reason the book hasn't been cancelled outright is Titan wanting to keep hold of the licence till the next film comes out.

Amongst the other things that impacts, this means this is also the last issue to feature the episode guide in its current form.


Megatron claims the energon Bulkhead destroyed was going to be used for his new prison, but it still has enough power to work [He's just a grumpy git].

It's very amiss of the Decepticons not to disable Bulkhead's communication abilities. Miko also calls her cell phone a mobile, a British-ism.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Dark of the Moon branded dart shooter.


Transformers Roll Call!, a guide to "Optimus Prime's" summer 2012 tour of the UK, where you can go and see the Autobot leader in various locations around the country, including Chris Evans' Radio 2 carfest. Though the page has a picture of Prime Prime on it the truck being used on the tour is one of the film props (or at least identical to it);
The episode guide covers Speed Metal;
Rescue Bulkhead! quiz page based on the comic;
Competitions for Transformers and Battleship Kre-O's, plus Nerf guns;
Double sided poster of Megatron and Bumblebee;
Ratchet's Joke Page, including some very old "Doctor, Doctor!" gags;
Mega Mouth;
Starscream's Stumpers;
Bumblebee's Summertime Wordsearch;
Decepticon Dare Dice!!, a cut out a glue together dice with various dares (of the child friendly variety, not the getting two women to kiss or downing your pint type) written on each side.

Issue Review

Something of a step down from last issue. Though Bulkhead remains well written and Megatron's sheer frustration at the useless day he's having is entertaining. But the actual threat to Bulkhead is rather nebulous; for all the talk of a mind wipe the only thing that seems to happen to him after prolonged exposure is extreme drooling.

However, the art continues the upward trend of last month and Optimus casually smashing Vehicon heads together whilst encouraging the humans to do something foolhardy is surprisingly cool.

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