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Titan Transformers Prime #12
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


The first quarterly issue, the comic strip is different from that described in the next issue box of 11, the order presumably having been jigged about to allow this to come out over Halloween. Bumblebee's underwater battle will show up in issue 13.

To try and counter the now drastically decreased publication schedule this issue came bagged with two free gifts.

The title and the farewell to arms nature of the plot take direct inspiration from The Evil Dead films, specifically the second one.

The horror cartoon Raf watches is called Mummies Have Feelings II (or possibly !! As that part of the screen is covered).

In keeping with the horror theme, Starscream is carrying the traditional tool of all angry villagers- the flaming torch- whilst helping Soundwave find his fingers.


Miko has been saving her fireworks for over a year, if this is Halloween why wouldn't she have used them for July 4th?

The next issue page gives the publication date for 13 as January 2012 rather than '13.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Prime Cyber Blaster and a reuse of the previous issues Dark of the Moon Disc Blaster.


Prime Viewing!, replacing the episode guide this sums up key events in early season 2 of the show;
Competitions for Geomag police sets and Prime Weaponizers;
Bumblebee's Brainteasers!, quizzes related to the comic;
A double sided poster of Ratchet and Bumblebee;
Airachnid Profile;
Soundwave's Stumpers!, due to Starscream having "Gone away";
Transformers Roll Call!, recap of the Optimus Prime tour mentioned last issue;
Mega Mouth.

Issue Review

Well, I'll admit I'm a sucker for really bad puns, to an almost embarrassingly childish level. So I'm going to give Etherington a big hand and not point the finger for arming his script with so many delightfully daft jokes. There's good fun to be had here with Raf being especially well written, his fourth wall breaking jokes about what happens in comics being the sort of thing that could be annoying but instead comes off as rather charming.

If there's a flaw it's one that Etherington couldn't have known about when he wrote it, and that is this is a somewhat underwhelming story to return to after three months. With only four issues a year now everyone really needs to be hitting it out of the ballpark, which this doesn't manage to do.

However, it's hard to hate the comic for events beyond its control, and I'll go out on a limb and say if nothing else this will give the less mature people a good chuckle.

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