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Titan Transformers Prime #13
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


The Statue of Liberty has featured prominently in several previous Transformers stories, in particular the art of Megatron and Prime fighting atop the statue seems to have taken visual cues from Runabout and Runamuck in issue 23 of the Marvel U.S. Comic, Decepticon Graffiti.

Bumblebee has lots of little Autobot symbols fly round his head after he bashes in noggin.

The opening with Bumblebee emerging from the water suggests this was the story originally promoted in the Next Issue page back in 11, though the story here is different enough from that brief synopsis to suggest some major revisions in the months since.

Another bigger cover, this time to contain a cut out and make "Battle Bunker" for the free gift.

This issue was originally published three weeks later than planned, and also suffered from a cock up with Titan's digital department that saw it unavailable in virtual format.


Fowler takes great pride in having intercepted Megatron's transmission via a fancy new satellite network... But it turns out the Decepticon was sending the message out to everyone in order to draw attention to his plot.

After Prime takes out Megatron all the Vehicons vanish.

Surprisingly for a British comic, the idea of the Statue of Liberty as the ultimate human symbol of freedom is very American-centric.

Fantastic Free Gift!

For the second time in the book's life, a free Transformer toy. This time from a current line rather than overstock, a Kre-O figure. Mine was Sunstorm, who is a bit rubbish, but hey, that's Sunstorm for you.


Primed For Action!, a new form for the episode guide covering Hurt through Alpha; Omega;
New Year Wordsearch, slightly late when the comic finally came out;
Soundwave's Stumpers!;
Competitions for Bot Shots and Kre-O toys;
Starscream's Star Signs!, for the year ahead, he likes Scorpios best like a sensible robot;
Kre-O Transformers, quizzes based around pictures of the toys;
Taking Liberties, quizzes based around the comic;
Are You An Autobot Or Decepticon?, personality quiz. I'm Agent Fowler;
Mega Mouth.

Issue Review

After several good issues on the trot this sees things come back to Earth with a bump. Surprisingly considering he's very much found his groove on the book by this point Etherington's script is very flimsy, full of holes and Optimus really doesn't sound very much like himself.

Art wise, there's a nicely stylised look to much of it, but, like the script, it also feels very rushed and poorly detailed.

Indeed, the whole thing feels so quickly throw together than, coupled with the delay in publication, that something fell through very late in the day and this was the last second stand in. Very disappointing considering the strong work Titan have been doing in the last few issues.

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