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Titan Transformers Prime #17
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


The cover proclaims that this issue is "Introducing... Beast Hunters, but despite the toyline and cartoon being branded as such the title of the comic hasn't been changed to reflect the subtitle, probably because we're only a few issues away from the inevitable relaunch for Age of Extinction.

In a nice and unusually mature touch for the comic at this point the dialogue in the Swiss set opening is entirely in French.

As implied by the title, the secret particle accelerator is inspired by the real life Large Hadron Collider in the same part of the world devoted to colliding particles like there's no tomorrow.

Hard to call a goof, but Predaking is called The Predaking throughout. Is that a thing?

Optimus quotes the third Doctor Who with his "Reverse the polarity" line.

The cover is once again bigger to accommodate the cut out targets.


In the first panel of page twenty, Wheeljack is coloured like Ratchet. On page 21 he's coloured like a Vehicon.

How did Predaking get inside the lab when the larger Autobots had trouble fitting in? [If he was supposed to have come over the space bridge from Cybertron, the art isn't very clear]

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Bumblebee car disc shooter!


All About Predaking!, potted biography and spot the difference game on the Predacon;
Soundwave's Stumpers!, quiz page;
Competition for Spy Net toys;
The Beast Hunt!, A four part quiz to find Predaking;
A poster of black Bumblebee;
Bulkhead's Wordsearch;
The Trans Files, covering The Forge of Solus Prime;
Hunter or Hunted?, personality quiz to find out what sort of Beast Hunter (very loosly defined to include Raf) you are;
Mega Mouth, letters page;
Escape!, maze game;
Bumblebee's Beast Blaster!, cut out targets for the free gift to be used on.

Issue Review

There's some nice dialogue here; I especially like Arcee's glee at the bigger Autobots struggling to fit in the tunnel; and the all French opening is very well done, but as a whole the threat of Predaking is so easily dealt with the story as a whole has a very throwaway feel to it. The rushed feeling art (not to mention the colouring) doesn't help and means that as an introduction to Beast Hunters it's not going to get your juices pumping all that much.

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