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Titan Transformers Prime #1
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


Transformers are immune to the effect of EMP's normally as they're powered by Energon (but see Goofs), though Ratchet knows how to reconfigure the device to work on Cybertronians. This actually makes the Prime Transformers more advanced than their Movie counterparts as Optimus Prime succumbed to an EMP way back in issue #10 of the second, post Revenge of the Fallen, volume of the comic.

There's a reference to Jack's Christmas holiday, tying into the two month period over which the issue was published.

There's a surprisingly grown up near topical gag from Wheeljack about the EMP device leaking worse than an unhappy government employee.


The way an EMP burst works in no way bears any resemblance to how it's portrayed in this issue (noticeably all the electrical appliances get better after the machines are turned off), something Cooper seems aware of as he has the characters jump through all sorts of verbal hoops about how these aren't normal EMP devices, but that just leaves you wondering why be brought up the real life concept in the first place rather than making something up.

Autobots are immune to EMP effects, because they're powered by Energon, but an EMP doesn't differentiate between different ways an electrical device can be powered (some A View to a Kill style impervious computer chips would be more likely).

On Page 22 Smokescreen has too much red on his head (it's possible he's been miscoloured as Ratchet, but if so the scheme is more than a bit off) and on the opposite page either Wheeljack has been miscoloured as Bumblebee or Bumblebee is mistakenly talking normally. The art is vague enough to make it hard to tell.

Even by the standards of a kids comic Starscream's plan is terrible: He has the power to effectively hold the Unites States to ransom and all he can think to use it for is to lure the Autobots into an easy to defeat trap? The fact the story starts and ends with Jack being told it's past his bedtime on the same night Starscream's entire evil plot is seemingly defeated by what can't be more than a couple of hours as well. Blimey.

Fantastic Free Gift!

Another bagged issue that gets rid of old stock by promising Two Mystery Gifts. Mine were two disc shooters, one for Dark of the Moon and one for Prime, both copyrighted 2011 to give an idea of how long it's been since they were first used as gifts.


Airachnid V Arcee Smackdown, facts about both characters before you decide who wins;
Megatron's Christmas Conundrums!!, quiz page;
Competition for Domino Express toys;
The Trans Files covers Hardshell and the Insecticons;
A poster of Optimus and the kids;
Whizz Bang Avenue!, a maze of Bumblebee chasing Knock Out;
Soundwave's Stumpers, quiz page;
Mega Mouth, letters page;
Competition for a Beast Hunters Voyager toy, from what seems to be a selection of Shockwave, Prime, Bumblebee and Predaking.

Issue Review

Again, lots of nice dialogue is let down by a main plot that is far, far too slight. With the obvious need to focus on new toys it might have been better to just have one main area of attack bringing just the new characters together so they could have the chance to show some personality. You can't really call it terrible- even with the abuse of the term EMP and Starscream making his G1 cartoon counterpart look smart- but it remains entirely average.

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