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Titan Transformers Prime #2
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


The flashback is set during the War for/Fall of Cybertron era, though it uses the Prime character designs rather than those from the games. Soundwave could speak at this point in time.

Place names mentioned as well as Iacon include Kalis, Tarn and Vos, the gladiator origin for the Decepticons also gets a reference.

This is the first time we've seen Cybertron in the Titan comic since way back in issue #1 of Revenge of the Fallen nearly three years ago.

As there's no pull out this month, this is also the first Titan issue with (baring an advert and competition for the DVD and a couple of questions in the letters page) no Movie content at all.


The lined up Autobots on the opening page are all slightly out of scale with one another.

Colourist Nestor Pereyra gets his name badly mangled as Perayera Nestor.

Miko gets the right first name this issue, but in the Team Prime feature her surname is incorrectly spelt as Nakaki.

Assuming the Valley of Fire is the same one the exciting Three Pensioners Ineffectually Punching One Another climax to Star Trek: Generations was filmed it's not anywhere near as green as the opening page makes it look.

The cover promises “Megatron Returns!”, which, unless it refers to the Darkness Rising synopsis, is a bit of a lie.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Prime missile launcher.


Team Prime: The Humans, quick bios of the lovable fleshling cast;
The Missing Link, picture puzzle;
Episode Guide Volume 1: Darkness Rising Part 2, no star rating this month;
Go Go! Energon Game!, a board game;
Megatron poster;
Competitions for Dark of the Moon on DVD yet more Kre-O toys, the 2012 Transformers Annual and a choose your own fate The Ultimate Adventure: Mars book;
Find Miko! game;
Mega Mouth.

Issue Review

If issue #1 was a good solid start to the series here we get what's easily Etherington's best story for Titan to date. It manages to add shades of grey to Megatron's character without either undermining his EVIL nature or being overly smaltzy. He's shown to care about his troops, but is still an epic bastard and the way Prime reveals, most unusually for a kids comic, he'd shoot Megatron now adds some shades to him as well.

If there's a flaw, it's the framing device is a bit dull, effectively being Optimus having his day off ruined by having to talk about work. What a bitch that Miko is. It's also a shame only two issues in to have the rest of the Autobots reduced to background players, it might have been nice for some of them to be in the flashback fight as well.

Despite this, this shows the title can do a lot in its short page count, and hopefully that will continue in the coming months.

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