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Titan Transformers Prime #6
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


As with last issue, we get a direct reference to the cartoon and the battles both past and present seen there in the Darkness Rising multi-parter. There's even a little * box name-checking the episodes. It was also the location the Vehicons were teleporting into the Autobot base from in issue #4.

The female President is unnamed, but her husband is called Jerry and she likes pizza. She's completely unaware of the existence of the Transformers, even at the end of the issue [See goofs].

The first issue without any of the kids in it.

Yet another punning title, in this case a nod at the 1976 film. That's three issues in a row.

The cover is again larger to incorporate a cut out.


The secret service staff and the President all seem very blasé about waking up in the middle of the Grand Canyon and having lost some time. Well, I suppose it's not as if she's that important to the running of the country. You've also got to wonder what the point of continuing to keep her in the dark about the alien robots is, in the films once they became a present day danger the President is mediately brought into the loop.

The Episode Guide has Optimus kill Skyquake.

This month's spelling mistake: “Bumblee”.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Battle Blaster.


Starscream Profile;
Episode Guide Volume 1: Masters and Students;
Competition for Prime toys;
Starscream's Stumpers;
A double sided poster of Megatron and jet mode Starscream on the one side and Bumblebee breaking a wall on the other;
Ratchet and the Vehicons game;
Road to the White House maze;
Awesome Prime Wordsearch;
Cut out bookmark.

Issue Review

A nice straightforward action story that only briefly steps into the sillier territory of the last few issues in the last page with the deeply forced comedy with the clueless President. Starscream is good fun here, with a very nice line in snark, and it's good to see him being proactive in fiction for a change in fiction rather than just whining.

There isn't a whole lot of substance here, but it's still good fun, with less rushed art than the last few months as well.

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