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Titan Transformers Prime #8
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


The idea of a Transformers mind in a human body was first explored in the season 3 episode of the original cartoon Only Human. The idea of two minds in the same body is more like the long running and convoluted storyline concerning Megatron and Lord Straxus in the Marvel UK comics though.

Lin-Chi learns of Orion Pax and Cybertron during the mind link.

The poster was originally the cover to issue #3 of IDW's Prime mini-series, and is the first reuse of that companies material by Titan since the All Hail Megatron reprints “went away” way back in issue #8 of the second volume at the end of 2009.

This is also the first issue to not be written by Robin Etherington since Simon Furman left the book for good at the end of the second volume.


The jet-Vehicons are given Starscream's alt-mode.

There's no explanation of what happens to Knock Out at the end. Prime seems to defeat him with a punch (despite the Autobots still being outnumbered by Vehicons) and then just lets him go?

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Ballistic Blaster!.


Wheeljack Lowdown, guide to the Wrecker;
Episode Guide #8: Con Job,
Epic Transformers Prime Quiz, a two page spread of questions;
A Bulkhead and Ratchet IDW based poster;
The Mind Trap... Maze!, based on the inside of Lin-Chi's head. Which apparently has grenades in it;
Starscream's Stumpers!,
Competition for Bot Shots toys;
Mega Mouth, including the first letter from an older reader in a good long time, who has sent in some G1 based art as well;
Ratchet's Joke Page, a lot of "Doctor Doctor" jokes.

Issue Review

Very much a story of two halves, the stuff outside of the body in the scrap yard is fairly typical kiddy fare. Predictable but harmless stuff, even if things like Knock Out just going away at the end don't make very much sense.

The scenes of Lin-Chi and Prime having their mind talk are something much more interesting though. The small scared human being overwhelmed by this other intellect inside his head feel like they've come from a different comic and are superbly done by the new writer. The colourist gets in on the act as well, and gives these sequences a much darker and frankly less poor feeling that creates the impression everyone involved was much more interested in these bits than the rest of the comic.

Whilst mind swap stories are ten a penny this at least brings a little something new to the table, and along with the darker story last month suggests the Prime version of the title has found its feet and a happy medium between keeping the book aimed at the younger side of the fanbase whilst not being bland wallpaper.

It's a shame the art is still a bit of a mess-Prime looks especially odd as he comes out of the crusher (as if Domingues was using a toy where the legs weren't properly transformed as the basis for it)- but this continues to see the book find its niche as a superior book for small children.

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