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Titan Transformers Prime #9
Reviewed by Inflatable Dalek


A direct sequel to the last issue, it's the first proper multi-part story we've had since the end of the second volume. Things are clearly set up at the end for a third sequel, but at the time of writing it's uncertain if we'll see Novo again with the books change in publication schedule.

Novo's fate is very like that of Professor Morris in the original Marvel comics. Novo's mechanoid body even had a similar- albeit darker- yellow colour scheme as Centurion. He also looks like a fat Iron Man.

Another larger than usual cover to accommodate the cut out targets for the free gift to shoot at.


Why didn't the Autobots take the refractor with them when they left China the first time? Or at least leave someone on guard with it? There was always the risk of Knock Out coming back for it.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Spin Shooter!


The Trans Files: Classified Silas, a new “top secret” feature covering the leader of MECH and mentioning the events of Issue #5 as well as the TV episode Convoy;
Episode Guide Volume 1, #9: Convoy;
Starscream's Stumpers;
Ratchet's Joke Page;
A double sided poster of Ratchet and Soundwave;
Dark Energon... Hunt!, game;
Mega Mouth;
MECH Spy Maze! game;
Competition for Deluxe and Voyager class toys.

Issue Review

Cooper's second story for the title continues the strong run the book is currently on, and nicely adds a sense of continuity and a bigger universe by following up on previous events.

Agent Novo thankfully isn't the dull military baddy he initially seems to be, and actually winds up a rather fun pissed off character, even if his robot design is a little generic. Silas is nicely over the top as well.

With so much focus on the guest cast the Autobots don't get much chance to shine and Optimus letting a stranger take care of destroying the MECH base is slightly odd. However, the art is a considerable improvement on the last few issues and overall this is another solid instalment.

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