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  1. Hearts of Steel #3 five-page preview
  2. Seibertron short interview with Chris Ryall
  3. Movie (+other?) toys listed in TRU computers | UPDATE: In Target computers too
  4. LoC repaints in the Classics line - Perceptor, Fireflight, Leo Prime, and Trypticon
  5. Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation Art Du Jour
  6. New Universe Spychangers at Family Dollar
  7. Official photos of 3" Titanium Rodimus and Thundercracker
  8. Target exclusive Classics Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp two-pack
  9. BotCon 2006 Beast Wars "Timelines #1" comic
  10. Alternators Nemesis Prime update!
  11. Clear Takara stock photos of Kiss Players Rodimus and Xiao Xiao in color!
  12. Larger sized Kiss Players Autrooper/Atari coming in December?
  13. New magazine scans at Fan to Fan "AutOrooper" is the official name
  14. More rumors about new US-made "Transformers: Heroes" cartoon
  15. Toy Regulations
  16. Nine-year-old boy gets BWX Ultra leaders before everyone else
  17. Finally! Alternators Jaguar prototype! | UPDATE: Now with Beast Mode!
  18. Kiss Players Melissa with the smallest Convoy is cancelled?
  19. Takara website update for September
  20. e-Hobby Kiss Rodimus
  21. Transformers Spotlight: Sixshot Art Du Jour
  22. Vote for Stormbringer / Inf in CNI poll
  23. Shockwave Spotlight five-page preview and advance review
  24. New Classics resin protos at the Japanese Patent Office website!
  25. Classics Grimlock - clear photos
  26. Classics Mirage in packaging
  27. Official Hasbro photos of Titanium Galvatron and battle damaged G1 Optimus Prime
  28. TF:TM Menu Image Released
  29. New official Hasbro stock photos of SWTF repaints and Classics Legends
  30. a few new Kiss Rodimus and Atari pictures
  31. BotCon 2006 comic preview
  32. First online retailer starts stocking the Classics line
  33. Transfans interview with Bob Budiansky
  34. Alternators Rumble now depicted at Hasbro website
  35. New Kiss Players manga scans at Fan to Fan
  36. e-Hobby exclusive THS-02 G1 Convoy black version
  37. Allspark interview with Frank Welker
  38. Hearts of Steel #4 preview pages
  39. Preview to BotCon Panel "From Drawing Board to Toy"
  40. Design Gazette Prototype updates
  41. Classics Jetfire in packaging
  42. New magazine scans at Fan to Fan
  43. Play.com pre-orders for Classics up (including pics)
  44. Cybertron Metroplex at Tesco (UK)
  45. IDW plans for BotCon + Escalation preview page
  46. Official Hasbro stock photos and bios for Classics Grimlock and Mirage
  47. Official Hasbro stock photos for Classics Optimus Prime vs. Megatron two-pack
  48. Details about Club exclusive Astrotrain (Armada Jetfire repaint) confirmed
  49. 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime reissue base sounds - it's not Cullen
  50. Golden disk and reader set for TM Megs
  51. BotCon 2006 coverage - galleries, panel info etc.
  52. Escalation previews, IDW BotCon panel news, artwork previews, etc
  53. New toys previewed at Hasbro website
  54. BotCon 2007 is...
  55. First two Movie Deluxe toys confirmed?
  56. Hasbro Toy Shop updated
  57. Interview with Shoji Kawamori and more information from Japanese magazines
  58. Transformers Monopoly - feedback wanted
  59. IDW get the Star Trek license... possible TF crossover?
  60. Titanium 6" Rodimus Prime and Soundwave in packaging
  61. Half price Vector Prime and Starscream at UK Toys r Us
  62. Target Markdown
  63. CGI Mapping pic of Optimus' Head
  64. Upcoming new 6" Titaniums listed at Wal*Mart's website
  65. Article from today's Boston Globe about Transformers
  66. Sixshot Spotlight five-page preview + info
  67. Trancformers Classics at Toys R Us and Wal- Mart
  68. Five-page previews of Stormbringer #4 and Spotlight Nightbeat
  69. Hasbro thanks BotCon attendees
  70. Alternators Nemesis Prime out in Australia
  71. First look at Kiss Players Hot Rodimus in and out of packaging
  72. Takara NOT to re-release G1 Megatron reissue
  73. Klaus Scherwinski signing at Comic Action 2006
  74. G.I. Joe vs The Transformers V4: Black Horizon, with preview images
  75. Interview with Furman and preview of Spotlight: Hot Rod (3 only-art pages)
  76. "Movie Preview" toys preorders and PICTURES!
  77. Sony Transformers: the Movie (1986) release details + series release confirmed
  78. Alternators Rumble and Ravage test shots in final colors
  79. Masterpiece MP-5 to be MEGATRON (alt-mode = gun)
  80. New pics of Classics Jetfire
  81. New Target listings
  82. Revoltech Convoy in color
  83. New magazine scans at Fan to Fan
  84. Cybertron Deluxe Unicron and Skywarp in UK Tesco
  85. Alternators Rumble boxart!
  86. New photo graphics of 1:24 scale Kiss Players Autorooper / Atari
  87. Japanese magazine news (the future of the line in Japan)
  88. Transformers: Victory cover art for UK DVD set
  89. Reissue Soundwave in packaging photos | UPDATE: Soundblaster tape door confirmed
  90. Transformers Classics fiction to be featured in Club newsletter comic
  91. Interesting Transformers-like knockoffs at BBTS
  92. Keychain Minibots to be re-released
  93. First three Movie Titaniums listed
  94. Transfans.net interview with Rob Ruffolo
  95. February TF comics, including movie prequel comic [SPOILERS] + Chris Ryall interview
  96. MAKE PRIME SPEAK (!) Winners announced.
  97. New pictures of Titanium 6" Soundwave
  98. BBTS and Digital Toys to offer MP-05 Megatron with orange safety cap
  99. Spotlight: Soundwave coming next year! | UPDATE: interior art
  100. IDW TF TPB & HC listings on Amazon for 2007
  101. New set of e-Hobby cassettes announced
  102. Masterpiece MP-5 Megatron prototype? | UPDATE: Megatron will have die cast parts
  103. New preorders at BBTS
  104. Classics Ramjet and Cliffjumper in packaging
  105. Grimlock will STILL be shortpacked in wave 3!
  106. "New" German Transformers DVD out
  107. Confirmation about the second club exclusive and Astrotrain
  108. Test shots of Classics Constructicon Devastator
  109. Master Collector forwarding email chain letters to customers
  110. Movie Toys!!!!!!
  111. New Fan to Fan scans November 25
  112. New test shots - Titanium, Classics
  113. Escalation #1 preview inked artwork
  114. Official Hasbro stock photos of Titanium War Within Starscream and RiD Optimus Prime
  115. new KISS item pictures from World Character Convention
  116. Official Hasbro stock photos for Classics Deluxe wave 3 and Mini-Cons wave 3
  117. Nick Roche to script Kup spotlight, plus other 2007 comics info (Megatron mini, etc)
  118. "Classics" Soundwave reissue won't come out until next year
  119. Classics Grimlock and Mirage at Hasbrotoyshop.com
  120. Another rumor about the new TF cartoon "Heroes"
  121. Classic toys sightings in Nordic Europe
  122. New stock photos of 6" Titanium Cheetor and The Fallen
  123. Optimus Prime in advert for newspapers...
  124. Minibot Keychain re-releases by Basic Fun out
  125. New toys listed on Hasbro website
  126. Escalation #2 5-Page Preview
  127. New test shots (Classic Legends wave 2, Mini-Cons)
  128. MP-5 Megatron will NOT have orange cap in the UK...
  129. G1 Megatron Reissue due out in spring
  130. UK Argos catalog lists new Alt Ravage and "Heroes" line?
  131. Revoltech megatron in April 2007?
  132. Joe/TF IV: Black Horizon preview | UPDATE: interview with Tim Seeley
  133. Wonderfest 2007 Winter exclusive Black Convoy (= Takara Nemesis Prime)
  134. New Masterpiece Megatron prototype pics from Japanese magazines
  135. Fantofan updates 12-23-2006
  136. TFTM Optimus Prime on the cover of Empire
  137. Classics Grimlock packaging error fixed... and shortage problems too?
  138. New pics of movie toy test shots
  139. New Hasbro stock photos for Alternators Ravage version 2
  140. Takara's new focus
  141. New Avengers/Transformers crossover | UPDATE: confirmed, due in July (!)
  142. New pics of cell phone, camera and handheld bot
  143. The man who gave us Transformers! (interview)
  144. Movie Ratchet and Starscream test shots
  145. New mini movie Optimus, Megatron and Barricade toys
  146. IDW round-up: April solicits, club comic reprint, Megatron spotlight mini-series
  147. Binocular bot?
  148. Ultra Magnus spotlight advance review / Escalation in Art du Jour this week
  149. Movie Preview Optimus Prime and Starscream on official Hasbro website
  150. Target 2006: Year in Review
  151. Hell just froze over - Alternators Ravage out in the UK!
  152. Attacktix wave 2!
  153. [SPOILERS] New test shot pics: Movie Ratchet, binocular and painted camera!
  154. Revoltech Convoy packaging mock-up
  155. Movie "Fast Action Battlers" toys! (spoilers)
  156. Rumors about movie $90 "Ultimate Bumblebee" toy
  157. Classics shipping dates and Deluxe two-pack
  158. Movie Toys Preorders (Optimus Prime voice changer & Titaniums)
  159. Spotlight: Ultra Magnus 5-Page Preview | ADDED: Seibertron interview with Robby Musso
  160. Escalation #5 and #6 cover art / Galvatron spotlight coloured art
  161. Movie Prime and Megs protos. Both modes.
  162. Japanese Beast Wars set.
  163. Movie blackout test shot [SPOILERS]
  164. Classics Ops Vs Megs out in Argos Uk
  165. New pics of Titanium The Fallen test shot
  166. Movie Prime & Megatron Figures [SPOILERS]
  167. Optimash Prime, plush Prime, Beatmix Bumblebee + CLEAR look at "Real Gear" on card
  168. Another new Real Gear toy [mini camcorder]
  169. Art page from Spotlight: Kup, coming in April
  170. More knockoffs surfacing... Reflector
  171. Kiss Players Sparkbots
  172. Third Club exclusive combiner limb is named...
  173. Movie Ratchet and Optimus Prime Battle Rig Blaster in packaging
  174. Wave 2 Classic Mini-Cons in European packaging
  175. Ultra Magnus vs. Skywarp OUT
  176. Convoy iPod Dock and transforming Soundwave MP3 player
  177. MP Megatron Fully Painted
  178. Convoy and Megatron as... transforming shoes
  179. UK Toy Fair report/catalog scans
  180. New magazine scans at Fan to Fan
  181. Movie toy checklist
  182. Movie Titanium information
  183. Soundwave spotlight "art du jour"
  184. Titanium Cheetor and Fallen in packaging; stock photos of TWW Megatron's alt mode
  185. New pics of movie Protoform Starscream; catalog images!
  186. Massive movie merchandising list!
  187. More new pics of movie toys (Real Gear packaging shots, mini Primes)
  188. Remy's got Collectors' Club Airazor
  189. Classics in UK Tesco and Woolworths stores!
  190. Transformers second in TRU Poll
  191. Soundwave Reissue available at TRU online!
  192. New pics of painted Masterpiece Megatron and Takara Beast Wars reissues
  193. Transformers movie blaster
  194. Movie toy photos: Blackout, painted
  195. First movie Deluxe toys in packaging
  196. First painted test shots of movie Legends toys
  197. Movie Optimus Prime voice changer helmet revealed
  198. Movie Voyager Ironhide toy
  199. Early movie CGI: Starscream, Soundbyte, Ironhide, Bonecrusher
  200. Movie statue: Bumblebee
  201. IDW May solicitations / Kup spotlight press release
  202. Binaltech story chapter 14 to be included with WF exclusive BT-17 Black Convoy
  203. Another new Real Gear toy
  204. Fast Action Battlers showing up in packaging
  205. Contents Of "The Best Of Simon Furman" Revealed
  206. (Movie) Activision's Transformers game details | UPDATE: first pic of game?
  207. New pictures of Movie Leader class Optimus Prime
  208. Toy Fair galleries and coverage
  209. Comic bits... Megatron: Origin, Black Horizon #2 prev | UPDATE: Movie prequel stuff
  210. Basic Fun keychains and novelties
  211. Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus pics
  212. Movie Blackout in packaging
  213. Movie Leader Optimus Prime and Target exclusive Legends pack in packaging
  214. The Transformers: Escalation #4 Preview | UPDATE: plus review
  215. Interviews with Eric Holmes and James Roberts
  216. TF:TM - The Ultimate Edition UK DVD news and screengrabs
  217. Revoltech Megatron!
  218. "Real Gear" Booster X10 out of packaging -- Laserbeak homage!
  219. Skywarp Vs U.Magnus coming to Woolworths UK | UPDATE: catalogue images
  220. First look at "Robot Heroes"
  221. New magazine scans at fantofan!
  222. More trouble regarding the import of non-modified MP Megatron
  223. Official Hasbro stock photos for Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus and War Within Megatron
  224. Official images of Club exclusive FREE figure #3: Breakaway!
  225. Covers of kids' books ... pics of CG Jazz
  226. TransformersCon Toronto news (exclusives, guests, etc. as announced)
  227. Fractal Matter interviews: Nick Roche (Kup spotlight preview!) and Movie Prequel team
  228. Fractal Matter advance reviews: Escalation #5 and Soundwave spotlight
  229. New listings on Play.com (interactive toys, keychains)
  230. Screenshot from forthcoming Tranformers Videogame!
  231. New look for TakaraTomy Transformers website
  232. Israeli Transformers fanfest #4: This time it's in Jerusalem
  233. Launch date for New Transformers Movie Game.
  234. Escalation #5 preview [SPOILERS]
  235. Alternators Rumble out in Hong Kong; Ravage in US packaging on eBay!
  236. Movie Megatron Voyager Class toy UPDATE: In packaging
  237. TFMaster of Transtopia died
  238. Beast Machines season boxes to be published in Finland
  239. Ultimate Bumblebee up for pre-order
  240. New UK Transformers comic | UPDATE: interview, details from SF blog
  241. Movie Titaniums listed at Casefresh
  242. Interviews: Eric Holmes, Josh Burcham, Makoto Ono | UPDATE: new Eric Holmes one
  243. Anyone up for shaming the fools on G4 TV?
  244. Prequel #2 review + preview, plus Soundwave spotlight preview
  245. Update on possible Sony "G1" DVDs
  246. Wizard World IDW panel | UPDATE: Furman interview
  247. Toy Festival March 2007 pics at Fan to Fan
  248. G4 TV "Attack of the Show" trivia contest
  249. Preview & Interviews about forthcoming TF game
  250. If you've joined the official club recently