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  1. Wildfur.net news
  2. Wal*Mart Classics Devastator available at Wal*Mart website!
  3. New magazine scans @ Fan to Fan
  4. Movie Toys Are Out In Israel???
  5. You Can Draw Transformers cover by Guido Guidi
  6. Sports label Nike shoe Convoy and Megatron test shots
  7. Transformer Movie Figure Online Preorders (UK site)
  8. Unrepainted LOC toys in Classics-esque packaging
  9. e-Hobby exclusive Binaltech "Rijie" (Mirage) clear version | UPDATE: In packaging!
  10. MP-05 out & packed in robot mode
  11. Transformers \ New Avengers art + blurb
  12. Movie Voyager Optimus Prime (in color!)
  13. New Hasbro TF trademark applications
  14. BotCon 2007 update - details
  15. Movie Protoforms in stock at Hasbro Toy Shop
  16. New 6'' Titanium listings
  17. 20 set pieces and 150 min runtime.
  18. Spotlight: Kup + IDW interviews / updates + Myspace?
  19. Masterpiece Megatron: First pics of that evil orange plug!
  20. Yahoo! Fanaticon: The search for the Ultimate Transformers fan!
  21. Humongous TF sale over at hlj
  22. Target exclusive LoC four-pack (non-repainted repackages)
  23. Movie Bonecrusher and Swindle images
  24. More TF: Video game screen shots up at Gamespot
  25. Movie Scouts - repainted Energon and Cybertron toys
  26. Movie toy preorders at Amazon Germany confirm first waves? Plus checklist
  27. Final movie Voyager Optimus Prime test shot?
  28. TF:TM Remastered Festival screening
  29. Mysterious new Takara preorders
  30. Better pics of movie Blackout in packaging
  31. Movie Legends Prime and Megatron fully painted
  32. First pics of 3" movie Titaniums: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Blackout
  33. New Target DPCI numbers for movie merchandise
  34. Logo and number of episode for new Transformers show
  35. TRU in Ohio breaks street date for movie toys by nearly two months
  36. New pics of Movie Deluxe Scorponok
  37. Information on DS Transformers game + screens!
  38. Update: MP-6 Skywarp images
  39. "Transformers Encore" reissues from Takara (was: "Transformers Renewal Line")
  40. Australian 'G1' DVD boxset + exclusive comic?
  41. Hasbro Collector Survey + Optimus Lime trademark
  42. New G1 bootlegs "announced"
  43. Stock photos of movie Deluxe toys
  44. Frank Welker and Peter Cullen Interview (2007 Transformer Game)
  45. First look at BotCon exclusives - number five: Dreadwind!
  46. Furman interview, IDW site updates, Escalation #6 art du jour, July solicitations
  47. New "Leaders for the Ages" Optimus Prime two-pack
  48. Daniel Ross to voice Starscream in movie video game
  49. First look at Movie Voyager Thundercracker
  50. Corey Burton to voice Megatron in "Heroes" [new cartoon]
  51. New Takara movie toys catalog images: FAB Megatron, Deluxe Arcee, '08 Bumblebee...
  52. Transformers 3D Card Game
  53. Transformers Escalation #6 Preview up at IDW!
  54. Forthcoming from Titan Books
  55. New magazin scans up @ Fan to Tan
  56. Transformers Club update with possible hint for more BotCon exclusives
  57. First pic of Music Label Frenzy "in action"
  58. Interviews with Nick Roche and Eric Holmes at Newsarama | UPDATE: Simon Furman Q&A
  59. Major Hasbro website update! Movie toys!
  60. Transformers (2007) review at AICN
  61. A possible Rodimus Alternator?
  62. TF/Avengers - new art
  63. Free Comic Book Day reminder! [May 5th]
  64. PS 3 Game footage
  65. Cool Pepsi Transformer Commercial
  66. Interview with Eric Holmes and Alex Milne [coming to a Megatron story near you soon]
  67. Street Date Lifted for Transformers Movie Toys
  68. Megatron: Origin preview art and pages!
  69. Spotlight: Galvatron Preview up at IDW
  70. Hasbro Germany unveil Transformers Movie toys!
  71. VERY Hi-Res robot mode pics from Bay himself...
  72. transformers event at Hollywood
  73. MP-05 illegal to import without a permit [Australia]
  74. Ultra Magnus Vs Skywarp Classics is out in Woolworths!
  75. Movie Protoforms out in UK
  76. New Images of Movie Deluxe Bumblebee and Arcee
  77. IDW May update (lots of stuff)
  78. Beast Wars is back in August...
  79. Movie Trailers Galore!!
  80. New TV trailer!
  81. New TF/Avengers Image
  82. 2007 EAGLE AWARDS WINNERS-TF makes top five
  83. Movie Leader Class Megatron
  84. Chevrolet Autobots
  85. New Monthly Transformers comic (UK) - Looking for input: Letters/artwork etc!
  86. Alternators Rodimus confirmed as SDCC exclusive
  87. Movie Toys out in Argos UK!
  88. Transformers Novel
  89. 2007 Starscream movie toy
  90. Leader Class Brawl
  91. Updated images of Music Label Soundwave MP3 player
  92. IDW TF releases for May 30th
  93. US Release of MP Starscream
  94. The reviews have started... AICN brings them to you.
  95. transformersgame.com update [01/06/07]
  96. Starwars Transformers Wave 4
  97. New TF Movie Spot
  98. movie trailer variant
  99. IDW TF releases for 6th June
  100. Wanna see Bonecrusher fightin' Prime?
  101. (significant) discount code @ Hasbro Toy Shop
  102. UPDATE 7/16: Transformers: Devastation Preview/Art
  103. G1 Movie Jazz and Starscream sneak peak...
  104. Transformers Soundtrack - Full Tracklist! + Album Cover [06/11/07]
  105. Transformers gone mobile
  106. More Geoff Senior inks from UK TF Comic!
  107. Xbox 360 & DS gaming accessories are out now
  108. Beast Wars: The Ascending Preview
  109. G1 Prime, Starscream, and Jazz confirmed as playable in Transformers: The Game
  110. Movie Adaptation #1 and #2 previews
  111. Oneshallstand Meets the IDW People.
  112. More movie candy... A bit overboard now.
  113. IDW TF releases for June 13th
  114. Chris Ryall, Peter Cullen & Tom DeSanto interviews
  115. Real Gear watch "Meantime" + Frenzy CD player
  116. Top Trumps
  117. Holy Shift! [Big Ol' OP Statue!!!]
  118. Latest Mountain Dew: Transform Your Summer commerical
  119. NEW Transformers:The Game trailer
  120. Transformers: The Game: The Article: The Thread
  121. Toyfare #120 almost entirely about Transformers
  122. Another review. Another trailer.
  123. 1st COLOUR Page from UK Comic.
  124. Voice cast revealed...
  125. New Images of Botcon Exclusive Alpha Trion
  126. Movie Deluxe Dropkick Images
  127. One day left UK competition: see the new movie in London
  128. IDW TF comics: September solicits, non-spoiler
  129. Transformer article on MSNBC.com
  130. Transformers Monopoly & movie novel at Barnes and Noble
  131. Transformers:The Game - Opening Cinematic!!
  132. Sector Seven Mobile Command Unit...
  133. IESB.net Interviews TF Scribe Robert Orci
  134. UPDATE:Transformers Animated at Licensing Show 2007 (pic of Prime) + Autobots
  135. Cover for New Avengers/Transformers #3
  136. IDW TF releases for 20th June
  137. Tf Game: Blackout Verses Ironhide.
  138. Deluxe Dropkick in packaging, plus Recon Barricade (repaint)
  139. Stan Bush Transformers-related tracks
  140. G1 Prime resin model kit preorder at hobbyfan.com
  141. Nike shoe thing repaint - Ultra Magnus
  142. Updated Images of MP-05 Attachments @ Justitoys
  143. Transformers: The Game Xbox 360 Achievement Details
  144. Jollibee The Transformers Movie Kiddie Meal Toys
  145. New Movie multi-packs
  146. New Japanese magazine scans: MP Skywarp and new exclusive Microns
  147. G1 deco Movie Starscream in packaging; Thundercracker in European packaging
  148. NEW ARTWORK : Uk Transformers #2 - by Nick Roche
  149. TF: The Game Video footage released
  150. New magazine scans at Fan to Fan June 26 (mostly movie toys and MP Skywarp)
  151. Movie, impressions after Finnish press showing
  152. New stock photos based on movie-based Robot Heroes
  153. Coherent review at darkhorizons.com
  154. Cybertron Philippines Interviews Guido and Josh!
  155. Three new Target exclusive movie Scouts (wave 3)
  156. That obligatory BotCon news & updates thread
  157. Home video of seeker from Stop Sector Seven...
  158. Live from the WebCarpet! Transformers Premiere
  159. FHM Photo Shoot & Interview with Megan Fox (NSFW)
  160. Special Screenings for Transformers in LA Area
  161. Press Release for Transformers Game
  162. New Avengers/Transformers #1 Preview
  163. Pics of new movie toys redecos from Japanese toy show
  164. Interview with AUSTRALIAN TakaraTomy designer
  165. SFX Issue 159.
  166. Ryall's IDW Q&A Thread Summarised
  167. Transformers Spotlight: Optimus Prime 5-page Preview!!!
  168. Megatron Speaks!!
  169. Leader Starscream and Voyager Bonecrusher from Takara planned?
  170. Transformers Week!
  171. Official Hasbro stock photos for new movie line toys
  172. First pics of Encore reissues, from Tokyo Toy Show
  173. Zombie Transformers...
  174. New Avengers/Transformers #2 Preview
  175. Possible MP Ultra Magnus at Walmart.com rumour
  176. UK TF Comic #2 update - new pages
  177. Collectors' Club exclusive Breakaway shipping and arriving
  178. Hasbro Masterpiece Starscream in packaging
  179. Takara reissues for Beast Wars Primal and Megatron (ultras) (again!)
  180. Wave 4 of Transformers Movie Deluxe Figures out in US
  181. Leader Class Nightwatch Optimus Prime
  182. IDW October Solicitations
  183. TransFans.net interview with Staz Johnson
  184. Cover for New Avengers/Transformers #4
  185. [UK] Free sticker album in with the Beano!
  186. Behind The Scenes Production Art Info etc
  187. Transformers Movie Target Exclusive Bumblebee 2-Pack Images
  188. New exclusive Japanese Mini-Con repaint
  189. List of UK Preview Showings of the new Movie this weekend
  190. First look at Beast Wars Source Book profile!
  191. History repeating itself: Alternators Rodimus officially out in Malaysia
  192. Movie Leader Brawl out in HK
  193. Real Gear two-packs
  194. Movie-based jewelry, watches and bags at BBTS [from Takara]
  195. Primus Half Price in TRU in UK
  196. UPDATE: More Images of Masterpiece Skywarp
  197. New 6" Titaniums at Target (and Meijer) - Cheetor and Fallen confirmed
  198. IDW changes owners
  199. Test shots of new Nike Shoe Transformers
  200. Voyager Ironhide repaint? Get this - it's NOT red!
  201. New 3" non-Transforming Titaniums out in stores, for those who care...
  202. Collectors' Club website gets a massive overhaul; Seacons confirmed!
  203. Movie Deluxe wave 5 out in the US
  204. Wal*Mart exclusive Robot Replicas two-pack confirmed
  205. San Diego Comic-Con news (including alternators Rodimus availability furore)
  206. IDW And San Diego: They Get The Rights to Doctor Who.
  207. The new releases keep coming... Real Gear Meantime and High Score 100 out in the US
  208. Animated Decepticons revealed at SDCC!
  209. UK News: Nightwatch Optimus Prime and Optimus/Bumblebee two-pack are Argos exclusives
  210. IDW news: Ramjet Spotlight, Search for Starscream
  211. SDCC panel: Animated intro; Animated TOYS!
  212. Better images of "Allspark Power" extended movie line toys
  213. New Micron Boosters out in Japan
  214. Alternators Rodimus and Titanium Menasor are up at Hasbro Toy Shop!
  215. USA Edition Masterpiece Starscream?
  216. Movie Scouts Target exclusive? Not in Europe!
  217. Interview with writer Simon Furman at ENI
  218. Movie Voyager Megatron metallic version?!?
  219. Lawson exclusive metallic '74 Deluxe Bumblebee (Japanese exclusive)
  220. Movie Voyager Megatron OUT
  221. Deluxe Bumblebee ('08 version) & Voyager Optimus Prime two-pack out... in the UK!
  222. Apparently Ultimate Bumblebee is out in the US too.
  223. Takara Encore Convoy (Optimus Prime reissue) in and out of packaging
  224. Costco exclusive Leader Prime with Legends Bumblebee and Jazz three-pack out
  225. UPDATE:New Avengers/Transformers #2 and #3 Previews (with text)
  226. Voyager Blackout And Deluxe Scorponok Twinpack At Tru Uk
  227. Updated images of Masterpiece Skywarp/Starscream @ actoys.net!!!
  228. TFCC Alpha Trion mini-con named
  229. Battle damaged Voyager Optimus Prime repaint
  230. More pics of Encore toys in packaging
  231. bumblebee 2008,arcee and dreadwing in the uk
  232. Transformers at Hot Topic
  233. Voyager Prime IS OUT in the US, finally
  234. New re-release of Smallest TF Bumblebee (campaign exclusive)
  235. Colored/Penciled images for Megatron: Origin #4 (cover)
  236. Target exclusive G1 redeco of movie Jazz out
  237. Simon Furman blog updates (expect some minor spoilers) | UPDATED: April 3rd Updates
  238. Movie Robot Heroes out
  239. Subscriptions now available at IDW
  240. Cyber Slammers Bumblebee (new Camaro) out in the USA; Ratchet and Brawl too, it seems
  241. Japanese Movie Bonecrusher repaint?
  242. Target exclusive "G1" repaint of Movie Voyager Starscream out
  243. IDW November Solicitations: Update: Spotlight Ramjet Preview!
  244. New (repackaged) toys in Universe packaging
  245. Madman Entertainment announces new titles.
  246. Best Buy exclusive metallic Movie Voyager Megatron & Ratchet, Optimus Prime Blaster
  247. Wal*Mart stocks new, er... OLD product
  248. UPDATE: Beast Wars: The Ascending #1 six-page Preview!
  249. Real Gear Robots wave 4 (Wire Tap V20 & Night Beat 7) out at US retail
  250. WST Dinobots Sludge & Swoop (Justitoys) - at last!