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  1. UPDATE: Takara to release SKY LYNX. Also: C3xHobby Convention clear protoforms out
  2. First look at Animated Megatron! UPDATE: Earth mode
  3. TransFans.net interview with Geoff "Geoff Senior" Senior.
  4. Leader Brawl out in the USA
  5. Voyager Thundercracker and Rescue Ratchet out at US retail
  6. NO Michael Bay for TF2...!
  7. Animated Megatron test shot
  8. Deluxe Bumblebee & Longarm: Towed to Safety two-pack
  9. Animated Bulkhead test shot
  10. Titanium 6" Grimlock
  11. Next Encore reissues are... Ratchet and Ironhide?!?
  12. Music Label Soundblaster confirmed, plus pics
  13. Buy a car, get a free Transformer? Chevrolet exclusive Deluxe Swerve?!?
  14. TRU exclusive Movie Legends six-pack out
  15. Robot Replicas wave 2 out in the USA
  16. Titanium 6" War Within Ultra Magnus and Sunstorm found at Target
  17. UK Sighting: 6" Titanium Ultra Magnus & WW Megatron!
  18. Q&A w/ Phil LaMarr, voice of Jazz on upcoming Transformers Animated series
  19. Guy claims he saw several scenes from Animated episodes
  20. GM ads on Brazilian TV
  21. Bumblebee: Evolution of a Hero two-pack out... in the UK
  22. Masterpiece Skywarp, Marine Color Sports Label Convoy and new Movie toys out in Japan
  23. German sighting: TRU exclusive "Desert Attack" two-pack
  24. eHobby Binaltech clear Mirage/Ligier is out now
  25. Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus and War Within Megatron found at Target, including photo
  26. New photos of blue movie Voyager Ironhide repaint
  27. Movie Deluxe Triple Pack Out in the UK
  28. Movie Deluxe Cliffjumper (Concept Camaro Bumblebee repaint)
  29. Target exclusive movie Scout Elita One in packaging
  30. Advance reviews of Devastation #1 and The Ascending #1
  31. Megatron: Origin #3 six page preview (no text)
  32. Alex Milne interview by Synapse
  33. Site update: "G1" trademarks and whether Hasbro can currently use them or not
  34. Preorders of Transformers Movie (2007) on DVD
  35. LITG rumor: Transformers / Terminator crossover?!?
  36. IDW TF comics for Sept 12th and beyond
  37. Wave 3 Target Scouts found
  38. Animated Grimlock, Slag, Soundwave, Black Arachnia...
  39. Movie Deluxe "Screen Battles" Packs
  40. The Wreckers #4 script up at the AllSpark
  41. IDW December Solicitations
  42. Ultimate Bumblebee exclusive version with bonus 3" Titanium
  43. Deleted scenes from the movie
  44. Micron Drago Air released in Japan
  45. Minor update from the Collectors' Club about the Seacons, plus "fan favorite"
  46. New wave of Movie Robot Heroes
  47. First details about IMAX version
  48. Universe repackage of Classics "Ultimate Battle" found
  49. Animated teaser from the Collectors' Club
  50. New Movie Legends! Two-packs!
  51. Movie Rescue Ratchet and Thundercracker in Woolworths UK
  52. New Classics two-packs
  53. New Avengers/Transformers #4 six-page Preview
  54. Alternators Rodimus to be released at retail...
  55. Transformers 2 scheduled for Summer 2009
  56. Chris Ryall updates schedule for upcoming Transformers titles (again)
  57. Devastation teaser images [Nick Roche et al]
  58. "Allspark Power" Movie Deluxes, Voyagers and Leaders
  59. UPDATE: Spotlight: Blaster Preview/Cover Art (now in color!)
  60. Movie 3" Titaniums Ratchet and Brawl out
  61. Australian Masterpiece Megatron Collectors' Club
  62. More Universe repackages: Cybertron Deluxe two-packs!
  63. Details about upcoming movie DVD (deleted scenes, easter eggs)
  64. Animated and more listings from TRU computers
  65. Final two Collectors' Club combiner component molds revealed?
  66. Wal*Mart exclusive Robot Replica two-pack out
  67. Music Label Convoy (playing iPod speaker) is out
  68. Action-HQ has metallic Voyager Ratchet and Megatron in stock!
  69. Target exclusive Bumblebee two-pack out!
  70. Star Wars Transformers Death Star out in the USA
  71. Movie TECH Autofire out
  72. CNI updated shipping schedule for October 3
  73. Transformers: Mosaic interview at Newsarama
  74. New pics of animated Starscream test shot
  75. Preview images for Titan TF UK #5 and #6
  76. Transformers 2 writers confirmed?
  77. Seacons finally coming? New (?) test shots surfaced
  78. Cyber Slammers wave 4 confirmed
  79. Various store exclusive extras for Transformers DVD confirmed
  80. World premiere screening of the first Animated episode will be...
  81. First review of 2-Disc Special Edition Movie DVD
  82. Movie Score available for pre-order
  83. Megatron: Origin #4 unlettered preview art
  84. More Universe Basics Released
  85. Couple of movie tie-in website gimmicks: Optimus Prime message, robot suits
  86. Movie Sequel story supposed to be "going out" within 30 days
  87. Pics of Transforming Optimus Prime DVD Case
  88. New movie three-pack
  89. Takara to release Classics
  90. International movie DVD pack-in exclusives overview
  91. Hasbro CEO speaks out about recent toy safety issues
  92. New Target exclusive prequel comic online
  93. Japanese DVD exclusive toy
  94. Best Buy metallic Ratchet and Megatron out
  95. New Movie figures out in Australia
  96. Lawson exclusive Voyager Blackout repaint
  97. First review of Wal*Mart exclusive "Beginnings" bonus DVD / IDW comic sales news
  98. Encore reissue #8 is Meister
  99. Legends Allspark Battles Rescue Ratchet vs. Brawl: Out in the Philippines!
  100. Longarm, Final Battle Jazz, Barricade Vs Bumblebee double pack out in Asda UK
  101. New Japanese movie toys: Black Arcee, Trans Scanning Bumblebee and Optimus Prime
  102. Transformers (movie toys) helped DOUBLE Tomy's profits
  103. Secret page of TF Movie website?
  104. Voyager First Strike Optimus Prime test shot (and more Offroad Ironhide)
  105. IDW January Solicitations
  106. The next spotlight is Arcee | UPDATE: advance review and preview page art
  107. Transformers: CCG Wave 2
  108. Devastation #2 preview
  109. Movie Robot Heroes wave 2 (wave 5 total) out in the US
  110. New movie toy redecos: FAB repaints; battle damaged Arcee and Optimus single packs
  111. Binaltech story chapter 15: Kill Switch
  112. Animated Prowl in sample packaging
  113. Hasbro Masterpiece Starscream out at US retail
  114. Movie Deluxe Landmine test shot
  115. New Real Gear wave... more repaints
  116. Beast Wars Sourcebook #2 five page Preview
  117. Toshiba exclusive red Movie Starscream
  118. High resolution pics of upcoming Japanese toys (Movie, Classics etc.)
  119. New Robot Heroes test shots - G1 and Beast Wars
  120. New Animated clip
  121. New Movie Roleplay "Allspark" Arm Blasters
  122. New Fast Action Battlers (repaints)
  123. New Movie Legends (Repaints)
  124. TF2 Script will NOT be Ready by Writer's Strike
  125. TFW2005 interviews Eric Siebenaler
  126. New "Allspark Power" Movie Deluxe repaint: Overcast
  127. Spotlight: Ramjet preview up at IDW
  128. Voyager Evac test shot
  129. New Target Scout: Storm Surge
  130. TakaraTomy to move factories from China to Vietnam and Thailand
  131. Animated Bumblebee and Prime (Deluxe) Auctions
  132. TakaraTomy Deluxe Arcee black version - first actual toy photos
  133. Listings for new Movie Deluxes
  134. Rifftrax Transformers
  135. Stockade test shot, Deluxe Jungle Bonecrusher in packaging
  136. New Animated test shots: Bulkhead, Lockdown, Bumblebee, Prime, Prowl
  137. Target exclusive Movie Deep Space Starscream
  138. Cyber Slammers Autobot Jazz test shot
  139. Mystery Transformers comics project (Shane McCarthy)
  140. Allspark Power Deluxes and Legends two-packs out in Australia
  141. Eugenesis novel now available for download
  142. Movie Voyager Evac and First Strike Optimus Prime in packaging
  143. Rumor: Animated Premiere in December
  144. First images of Trans Scanning Bumblebee and Optimus Prime
  145. Devastation #6 Script (W)Rap plus forthcoming villains. [Spoilery Teasy Stuff]
  146. TransTech to be produced as a club comic?
  147. Professional-grade KO producers expand to Metroplex/Metrotitan and more (!)
  148. Auto Assembly 2008 UPDATE: Dan "Bumblebee" Gilvezan Attending.
  149. IDW February Solicitations for TF Titles
  150. New BotCon website / 2008 teaser / date and location announced
  151. European release of Alternators Mirage?
  152. Collectors' Club 2008 exclusive figure Topspin (WAS: New Club info)
  153. New e-Hobby excklusive: Black Ironhide
  154. Exclusive "movie color" Encore Ratchet
  155. Revoltech Rodimus and Starscream
  156. More info on Movie Premium Series
  157. Deluxe "AllsparkPower" Landmine, Autobot Camshaft and Cliffjumper out in the USA
  158. Voice Actor In Talks For TF2
  159. Spotlight Grimlock info thread | UPDATE: 5 page preview
  160. Don Figueroa interview
  161. Are You The Next Transformers Cover Artist?
  162. Another new wave of Cyber Slammers: Recon Barricade and Ironhide
  163. Next IDW story arc is not Revelation
  164. Transformers UK # 7: Starscream's Militia Preview
  165. Entertainment Rights get more TF stuff
  166. Transformers 2 still on-schedule, apparently
  167. Animated Lockdown and movie Deep Desert Brawl in-packaging, plus Cliffjumper mod
  168. Earlier release dates for Takara Classics, Sky Lynx and other TF items
  169. Animated Optimus Prime in-packaging
  170. Transformers: Animated comic first look
  171. Interview with Liam Shalloo (colourist)
  172. Cartoon Network Transfomers Animated site launches with episode guide
  173. TFW interview with Jack Angel (voice actor)
  174. 2008 AFX bust line-up, probably more to come
  175. Simon Furman Q&A answers
  176. AFA graded stuff direct from HasbroToyStore
  177. Request for input on volume two of The Ark (animation models reference book)
  178. Teasers for IDW in 2008 | UPDATE: Search for Starscream movie series cover
  179. 'Allspark Highway' Flash game online
  180. Allspark Power Scouts Warpath, Storm Surge and Crosshairs
  181. TF: Animated Megatron prototype images
  182. Classics 2.0 / Titanium news from ToyFare
  183. Face of Animated Ultra Magnus
  184. BBTS exclusive: Elita 1 bust
  185. Frank Welker interview
  186. Michael Bay "behind the scenes" movie reel
  187. Transformers: Animated info at Unicron.com / TFW review eps 1-4 / official site, etc
  188. Legends "Allspark Battles" waves 1 AND 2 found at US retail
  189. Transformers movie gets three Oscars nominations
  190. March comics solicitations - two spotlights, Focus On: Decepticons + Space Pirates
  191. US House Passes New Toy Safety Regulations
  192. Win a xip3 jacket competition... [ends 31st]
  193. Movie Screen Battles wave 1 out in the USA
  194. Wal*Mart exclusive "Allspark Power" Deluxes (Cybertron repaints)
  195. Henkei (Japanese Classics): different paint applications - highly different Megatron!
  196. G1 'Bible' unused TF names / Female TF pin-up book? / Omnibot TFU bios
  197. Bee-Otch Air Freshener causes Lawsuit... Seriously.
  198. Next year in an official club comic near you...
  199. New Movie Deluxes: Stealth Bumblebee and Salvage
  200. Universe (Classics 2.0) Onslaught revealed!
  201. Japanese Incinerator?
  202. Impossible Toys To Release Nightbird and Quintesson Bailiff
  203. Movie sequel possibly delayed, but shooting date set + possible character inclusions
  204. Premium Ironhide and Blackout will be mass retail; red Dropkick confirmed as Salvage
  205. New Movie Voyagers and FABs out at US retail!
  206. New wave of Robot Heroes in packaging
  207. Nightwatch Optimus Prime out in the USA
  208. "Premium Series" Movie Leader Class Optimus Prime and Megatron
  209. New images of Japanese Black Arcee
  210. Premium Series Deluxe Class Bumblebee, Barricade and Autobot Jazz
  211. Apparently non-knockoff translucent Prime, possible Takara Encore line piece
  212. Animated change of schedule + pics of Prowl, Starscream, Bulkhead + Optimus toys
  213. Probable upcoming rise in toy prices, soon
  214. Canadian release date for Animated figures / Australia confirmed / info for Germany
  215. The Official TF Club releases "The Theft of the Golden Disk" pre-Beast Wars animation
  216. Transformers Animated Premieres #1 on All Television Among Boys
  217. New Hasbro stock photos: Two new Legends two-packs, Premium Ironhide and Blackout
  218. Death of a fellow transfan...
  219. Transformers movie marketing for kids criticized
  220. UK TF merchandise (t-shirts and other tat) site launched
  221. Staz (Stewart Johnson) art for Titan UK comic
  222. Third wave of Movie characters Robot Heroes includes DISPENSOR
  223. TRU exclusive Movie Jetstorm and Wingblade
  224. Release date for Devastation #4
  225. Bumblebee's license plate for sale
  226. Masterpiece Starscream Upgrade Set - Coronation Armor - 1st images + expected price
  227. Confirmation of channels to air Animated in UK, France, Germany, and others
  228. Interview with Marcelo Matere at Transfans.net
  229. More Takara reissues: Omega Supreme, minibots, etc. Also Classics stuff
  230. Wonder Fest Exclusive Movie Arcee G1 Color Edition
  231. Shane McCarthy re: IDW project [SPOILERS] / interview at CBR with Chris Ryall
  232. Battle Damaged G1 Prime bust w/ Matrix of Leadership
  233. New wave of Real Gear Robots out in the USA
  234. Official Images of Revoltech No.46 Starscream & No.47 Hot Rodimus
  235. First in-package images of Animated Cybertronian mode Megatron / Prime + Megatron 2pk
  236. Toshiba exclusive Movie Starscream Vardia Red Model out
  237. TakaraTomy website updates - Japanese Incinerator colors confirmed
  238. Dairycon fan convention taking registrations
  239. Wave 4 Movie Scouts found at Retail [images]
  240. Transformers Animated Episode 5 (missing episode) now showing On Demand and Youtube
  241. War Within Animated episode 1 released by TFCog
  242. IDW April comics solicitations
  243. MP 08 Grimlock
  244. Animated Earth mode Megatron toy + others spotted in CNN video
  245. Screen Battles wave 2 out in the USA
  246. Takara Classics update: promo booklet and new stock photos/ new pic of Megatron out of package
  247. Gallery of Animated Two-Pack Battle Damage Megatron
  248. IDW cover contest | UPDATE: final results now in!
  249. Transformers Collectors' Club Transtech comic preview
  250. James Raiz cover for Reign of Starscream